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20 Signs of a Wife Material


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You’re looking for wife material. Someone you would like to spend the rest of your life with, living happily ever after.

However, you’re not certain how you will pull this off. You don’t know if you have found the perfect wife yet. You may also be confused about what to watch out for in a woman you intend to live with for the rest of your life.

If that sounds like a dilemma you’re in, then you should continue reading.

If we’re being honest, marriage is a lifetime decision. And as such, you shouldn’t rush into it or make hasty choices. That is why you should take your time and observe precautions in determining if she is the ideal wife for you.

This article is going to help you do that. By outlining 20 signs of a wife material, you can decide whether or not she is the perfect wife material for you.

What Does Wife Material Mean?

In the general sense of the word, wife material is a term that describes a woman who will make a good wife. The interpretation of this phrase varies across different cultures. However, each interpretation has a common sentiment — a woman who would make a good wife.

Western cultures, however, seem to have a very different yardstick for assessing “a good wife” qualities from African cultures. In addition, individual preferences also tend to affect the qualities “a good wife” should have.

You may have probably heard the famous “one man’s food, et cetera et cetera” saying before. Though it might sound cliché, the saying also applies to the “good wife” assessment standards. A particular quality might be the foundational yardstick for an individual looking for a wife, and the same quality might be irrelevant to another individual looking for a wife.

Is a Wife Material Relevant in Western Culture?

Let’s use a woman’s cooking prowess as a standard quality to illustrate how this is possible.

In African cultures, a woman is generally perceived as the “caregiver” whose responsibility is to ensure that every family member is taken care of, including the husband. She will cook, clean, feed, tidy, and ensure that every family member’s physical well-being is adequately taken care of. She will also endeavor to perform her “wifely duties” to her husband, amongst other responsibilities.

Meanwhile, in Western cultures, where technological advancements, innovations, and gender equality positions are prevalent, most of the responsibilities handled by the woman in the African cultures are outsourced to babysitters, laundromats, chefs, cleaners, housekeepers, etc.

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As a result, it’s common for someone in western countries not to attach any importance to the inability of his prospective wife to cook. But, on the other hand, someone in an African society may not even consider a woman who can’t cook as fit for marriage, let alone as suitable wife material.

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However, irrespective of these cultural disparities, there are certain uniform qualities that a “good wife” from a western culture would have with one from African culture. These qualities are listed below:

20 Qualities of a Good Wife Material

If you are between crossroads identifying whether a woman is good wife material, assess her with these qualities:

Generally, a good wife must:

  • Be able to endure life’s setbacks

Everyone has their fair share of difficulties and setbacks. For a couple, it might even get more serious. A woman who would be enduring and willing to stick with you through these challenges is wife material.

  • Be patient and tolerative

During your union, you will have excesses and faults which you will have to work on for a better future. Wife material is someone that will be patient with you while you do this. This quality will also be helpful in the long run with your children.

  • Share the same values you have

Trust me; you don’t want to have a woman with entirely foreign values as a wife. You would not only struggle with resonating with her but might also have disagreements with her on child-raising standards. That’s not the ideal wife material you need.

  • Have financial knowledge and resource management skills

What’s more indicative of a good wife material than a woman with the ability to manage resources sufficiently? In a conventional home, a woman manages resources in the house, so the ability to ensure the efficient utilization of available resources is a great skill.

Also, how else would you be able to discuss finances and business decisions with your wife if she’s not financially literate?

  • Be dedicated

Dedication is an essential trait that a wife material must have. She ought to be committed to you, the family, your marriage, and her aspirations; these qualities are essential for successful marriages.

  • Have emotional intelligence from a shared personal connection
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Imagine having a partner who is your better half in every sense. That’s a quality wife material. A good wife can understand your emotions and respond appropriately because you share a romantic connection.

  • Be selfless and supportive

You don’t have a good wife material if she is not supportive of you and selfless. That is because, as a man, you will have to make critical decisions that may or may not always yield the best results. Therefore, you need a woman who will always support you through whatever you choose to do and not one that would taunt you endlessly.

  • Be equally ambitious, purposeful, and goal driven

Ideal wife material is a woman that is purposeful and determined. This type of woman is result-oriented because she is focused and achieves anything she sets her mind to achieve. You need this quality in a woman you want to live with for the rest of your life.

  • Accept and nurture your vulnerable side

As a man, you would have weak moments, whether from self-doubt, frustration, sicknesses, or anything. An ideal wife material will be a backbone that you can rely on and a pedestal for your recovery.

  • Be liked by friends and family

When you have a woman loved and admired by her peers, liked and always appreciated by your friends, you should know that she’s good wife material. But, if she has gone further to win the hearts of your family members with her easy-going and likeable personality, then it’s pretty clear she might be the one.

  • Be willing to compromise and submit for mutual benefits

While you need someone determined and ambitious, you should have a partner who is ready to make sacrifices, willing to submit and make compromises for your benefit and that of the family. A wife material will have these traits.

  • Be loving and caring

Love and care is the most critical quality of all wife material. Since the basis of relationships or marriages is love, it will be out of place to marry someone that is not loving or loveable. Also, you wouldn’t want to entrust your future kids to the hands of someone unloving.

  • Give you an unexplainable but confident gut feeling
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Do you have an inexplicable feeling of certainty that she’s the one? Then she’s probably the one. It’s that simple. Trust your instincts.

  • Be motherly and affectionate

Wife material is motherly and affectionate. This quality is essential for the future of your relationship or marriage.

  • Be respectful

A primary duty of a wife is to respect her husband. If she doesn’t respect you, your decisions, your feelings, or your person, then she’s not the wife you want.

  • Be forgiving

An ideal wife material would forgive your shortcomings and may even make excuses for you. While this is not a quality you should wrongly capitalize on, you should constantly work on improving yourself to avoid these shortcomings.

  • Be neat and appealing

What’s a wife material if she’s not appealing to the eyes? Trust me; you need someone who is organized, neat, and appealing as a wife. Not only will this boost your confidence as a man, but you will also earn respect.

  • Have a good sense of humor

The necessity of this quality should be pretty obvious but for record purposes, understand that you should have someone with a good sense of humor, goofy, playful and cheerful as a wife. How else will you enjoy beautiful moments together?

  • Be appropriately sexy and romantic

Ideally, a wife material is open to trying out creative options that would spice up your sex life and romantic relationship in general. This quality is essential for maintaining your union.

  • Have a good relationship with your Mother

Lastly, an ideal wife material will have a healthy relationship with your mother. That is how she will learn important values and lessons that would sustain your marriage.

Knowing the right wife material qualities is essential but having the ability to identify these wife material qualities in a woman is more important.

Have You Seen Your Wife Material?

Marriage is a long-term commitment. So you don’t want to go in without due diligence, do you? You must apply some precautions before tying the knot with any woman. So utilize the guidance in this article to determine if she is the perfect wife material for you today.

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