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How To Survive A Bad Marriage Without Divorce


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Sometimes and circumstances warrant the end of a marriage, especially a bad marriage. No one should resolve to talk things out when there is abuse, for example physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual abuse. Nobody desires a difficult or unhappy marriage, but unfortunately, not everybody is fortunate enough to live the life of their dreams.

Knowing how to survive a bad marriage without divorce first requires a fearless examination of your marriage and what makes it worse. There will be days where you would want to never leave your partner alone, and days where you might think of them as not the right one for you. In the latter days, it often gets too bad for some people that they find it hard to stay back with their spouse.

Sometimes, people survive a bad marriage,  not just hoping to revive the lost spark, instead, there are other reasons to consider and stay back in the marriage this reason includes the kids. This happens to be one of the most common reasons why people survive a bad marriage. People tend to suffer and put their happiness on the back burner for the sake of their children. In other to save them from the disgrace of a broken family and ensure their happy future, partners often decide to endure marriage differences.

Also Considering separation as a stigma where the fear of being looked down upon makes them put up with their difficult marriage. Religion should also be considered because many religions consider marriage as a sacred union and do not advocate divorce. People who staunchly abide by such stringent religious philosophies find it difficult to get rid of a bad marriage. They prefer to change themselves and practice how to survive a bad marriage.

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How To Survive A Bad Marriage Without Divorce

In other to survive a bad marriage without divorce, then you have to Let go of your expectations. When you married your spouse, you probably expected them to be this or that. Sadly, it’s one of the reasons why you’re going through a rough marriage patch right now. Expecting your spouse to do something and finding out they didn’t will make you feel resentful and bitter.

Another way to survive a bad marriage without divorce is to forgive and forget. It’s really hard to forgive your spouse, especially if they cheated on you. But if you want to heal yourself and survive your bad marriage, it’s essential that you do it. Not only is it good for your mental health, but it’s also beneficial for your physical health. After all, experts say that forgiveness can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, minimize pain, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, and subsequently, the risk of a heart attack.

Don’t stop communicating with your spouse. Even though you’re in a bad marriage, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should stop communicating with your partner. Continuously communicating can help rebuild the trust that you both may have broken along the way. When you truly communicate with your partner, it shows that you feel safe enough to express your concerns, needs, and fears. As a result, it builds trust and fosters memorable moments in your relationship.

Seeking the help of a relationship coach can also help to sustain a bad relationship without divorce because with a professional relationship coach, you can get advice tailored to your unique situation. Many relationships end because people refuse to admit that they need to get help. One of the most common causes of the end of relationships is the refusal to seek help from people outside of the relationship.

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Take a step toward change while facing many issues in your marriage. It is important and necessary to take steps toward change and focus on one thing at a time. Choosing to try to tackle all of your issues at once can be overwhelming and futile. You may be experiencing issues relating to chores, children, finances, and other problems, but it is not feasible or possible to fix them all at once. If you focus on all of the issues at one time, there is no way you can deal with them properly and it is rather likely to only make your relationship issues worse.

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If you try to take on too many issues at the same time you will begin to feel overwhelmed and become bitter toward your spouse for making you feel this way. Try instead to deal with your issues separately rather than all at once, choose the first issue by identifying the one that is of the biggest priority to fix. Perhaps you are most concerned by your financial problems and you want to have a conversation with your spouse about this now as this is causing your unhappy marriage. Try to communicate maturely and calmly.

Being polite helps sustain a bad marriage without divorce If unfortunately, you have found yourself unhappy in marriage, notice whether you and your spouse are polite to each other or not. Don’t forget about being nice and polite to your partner just because you are married. Remember to say please and thank you to him or her when he or she does something nice for you or offers to help you with a household chore.

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This type of behavior will set a new happy and relaxed standard in your household and your spouse will be likely to return your favors too. Rather than insulting or getting annoyed at each other over something, show how much you appreciate having them around. It is important to remember to be polite and respectful no matter how long you have been together.  

Avoid bringing up the past in your conversation mostly the negative past it completely helps to sustain a bad marriage, no matter how heated the discussion may be, try your hardest not to bring up the past. it’s an excellent diversionary tactic, but if you want to survive your marriage, you should avoid it at all costs.

It can easily prevent the issues from being resolved, bring more negative emotions, and can also escalate small fights into bigger ones. So instead of talking about the past, focus more on the future. You can’t change the past but you and your spouse can always do something about the future.

Lastly and Most important, practice self-love. In other to be able to endure the ongoing challenges of your relationship, it is important to go easy on yourself and love yourself It helps in reducing toxic codependency, which in turn can give your partner a respite from the constant clinginess. It can help them to look at you from a fresh perspective and, in turn, save your dwindling relationship.

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