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Emotional Infidelity – 10 Signs Your Partner is Cheating


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As a human, you would want to love and be loved back. That satisfaction can come in from your workspace, from school, from home, in fact, it could come from anywhere if you are been open.

Spending some good times with your colleagues is really one of the advantages that you admire about your work culture.

However, if all of this is not taken care of properly, it could be led to emotional infidelity.

Emotional infidelity is when there is close, secret chemistry with someone that is not your spouse or your partner.

Some people can tell about emotional infidelity from a just friendship – your interaction can include some romantic anxiety and touching attraction.

You could really maintain the level of proximity just like a strong, mutual, and supportive friendship. Having this type of closeness will not be difficult to pull out since you do not see each other. Although, emotional infidelity can start to destroy the relationship that you have built for years and as such reduce the love that you have for your partner.

What is Emotional Infidelity

Emotional infidelity takes place when the intimacy that you have for your partner starts to diminish due to the interest that you have for another partner. You put too much effort into them leaving your existing partner.

Emotional infidelity is when your energy, money, and time is being put on someone who is not your spouse. And you also receive emotional support and friendship from your said emotional infidelity.

Emotional infidelity – you would always want to be close to the other person than you should to your partner and may have an urge for romance or intimacy.

10 signs your partner is cheating on you emotionally.

1. Shares Secret

Here is about how open you share your secrets with the other person that even your partner doesn’t know. You could share secrets that you do not share with your partner just to satisfy your emotional affair.

However, sharing a new secret can excite you and you would feel a strong connection with each other. Leaving your partner to have an emotional affair puts your relationship in disarray which can jeopardize your home.

When a secret that your partner always shares with you gets withdrawn, things will not go down well. Your love for your partner will start to decrease, and what used to be rosy between you too becomes a war zone overnight.

2. Being in Touch

How do you feel if you do not speak to a friend for a day? Do you feel something is missing in you? Do you often withstand not speaking to a friend for a day?

These feelings might come sometimes when you are away, you want to know what the other person is doing or up to. When you think about someone and it becomes a distraction then there is an emotional affair. This will make you want to talk to that person all the time, text messages – would cross a line.

3. Phone Restriction

If your spouse does not allow you to see their phones or get upset when they see you go close to the phone then you know that something fishy is up. I mean why would your spouse keep his phone away from you?  When you are supposed to share everything and anything with no cracks.

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When there is a rise in texting and calling the other partner then there’s emotional cheating. Even then use of social media is very much one example of it.

You are always online to charting, and video calling the other person when your partner is around and lonely. Some would hide to receive a call – this is a big sign of signs of emotional infidelity.

4. You are not a Priority

Emotional infidelity is more than just meeting someone and you are off – it involves mental, financial, physical, and emotional from you and the other person. If your partner no longer sees you as a priority just know that something is out of the box. Really, when someone loves and cares about you, their time, energy and space will be shared.

If you go out with your partner and you notice that s/he is distracted by someone who is glued to his phone for no tangible reasons – that is a challenge.

Some partners will go as cancelling plans that they have with their significant partner just to be with the other person – like it has become a habit to do and you should know that something is wrong.

Again, how well are you being treated by your partner?  Does he go all out for you to be satisfied? Really, a sacrifice will be involved in a relationship you want to go into.

5. Unnecessary Anger

How you pick quarrels on any slightest opportunity with your said partner is a sign. You know that once you are not stable emotionally – a lot of distractions here and there,  unnecessary anger settling in.

And this unnecessary anger comes when your partner starts developing feelings for another person, he will just be doing some nasty things that on a normal level he would not do. In such a situation, this would leave you wondering with is going on between you too and you would be left in the dark.

6. You are been Defensive

Some that are having an emotional affair can be overtly defensive. Before you would ask something they already know what to reply to you with.

Are you getting defensive when they try to point out something is wrong? Do you try to blame them to be the suspicious and guilty one for bringing these questions?

Always wanting to be defensive with or not given opportunities is a sign – if it is a recent happening, it is a means to keep something away by being overtly defensive.

7. You are Uncomfortable being with Your Partner

Having this kind of emotional cheating makes you uncomfortable with your partner or want to spend time with s/he. The funny thing is you will not be yourself with your partner – you want to see the other person.

In no time, you would see the bridge between you and your partner – no affection, no feelings, no vibes, no peace of mind. In most cases, you feel alone even when your significant other is around.

8. You want them to Like You

Of course, everyone wants to love and be loved right back – which would require you to go all out of your way for that person. You always think of a way to make them feel good, you care for them, spend time with and as such know their love language.

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9. You Dress up for them

There is this thing that you will feel for someone, you will see yourself dress for them. You look good, wear a smile. Once there is an attraction either emotionally, or physically, you will just see yourself exhibiting some certain attitude.

Sometimes or rather most times, all of this appearance will come to matter to you because you want to impress s/he. Emotional infidelity will always make you do things that your partner cannot tolerate in a relationship.

10. You Communicate more with this Person

Communication is very important in a relationship and as such, it should be maintained to a high degree with your partner.

When the communication flow that used to be 10% reduces to 5% then there’s a sign.

Of course, you can be talking with someone else if you are not talking with her. You rarely converse with your partner and each time you want to another person’s name comes up – there is emotional cheating. This talking thing flows naturally oh yes it does.

If there’s slag in communication between you and your partner loneliness will set in. Because you want to talk to someone about anything and everything but the flow is not coming.

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How to Know if Your Partner is Cheating Emotionally.

How to know if your partner is engaging in emotional infidelity is for you to find out the influence that it will have on you – negatively or positively. Positively – does it make you happy, is the emotional connection worth your time outside?

Do you think it is the best place you should be? Negatively – how weak has it made you be between you and your partner? All of these questions come to mind and of course, the answers will tell it all.

Why Emotional Infidelity Takes Place.

Once your partner starts having an affair, you will wonder why they cheat. Has s/he fallen out of love with me? What went wrong?

Sometimes taking the decision to cheat does not just happen, it takes some thought for your partner to take that step. It could be that there is no longer positive energy that s/he sees in you, hopes and dreams no longer get along – of which s/he gets from outside.

Emotional infidelity is a means for your main partner to want to get the strong needs met, to guide one mental health.

When someone no longer shares their weakness, strength, world, or fears with you directly – there is someone that they could be sharing it with. At one point in life, we all need someone to share all of this with.

Maybe s/he have been trying to share their world with you but you have been unavailable, judgemental, or not giving the needed attention.

Maybe s/he needs strong chemistry to let out their feelings, fear, and world with you.

Strong connections heal an injury and bring bonds to each other. Emotional infidelity is a means that s/he wants to be in control of the things around them.

A strong bond with your partner heals a lot of wounds and loneliness no longer will have your place nor will it influence your relationship with your partner anymore.

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Let an overwhelming intimacy be the order of the day between you and your partner to build a peaceful, strong connection and a long-lasting relationship.

What Emotional Infidelity Says About You.

Some people who are involved in emotional infidelity are really those who are not happy with their main relationship – who are not appreciated no matter the effort that they put in.

Emotional cheating often happens when your peace of mind is been thwarted in your main relationship – in the course to find peace and happiness you jump on it.

On the contrary, some emotional affairs could be based on selfish reasons just to satisfy your sexual desires. You always want to test everything you see under the skirts – this kind of effect could lead to an emotional breakdown in your main partner.

Emotional affairs can also be seen in your attitude. Sometimes, some who are here could be afraid to commit themselves to a relationship. It also goes down to low self-esteem and a lack of respect for your main partners.

Emotional infidelity is not an easy one because it would drain you mentally, physically, financially, and socially.

How to Spot a Healthy Relationship

Well, a healthy relationship can not be overemphasized – it gives peace of mind.

There is nothing like a perfect relationship – every relationship has ups and downs but the ability for you to manage it makes you mature.

Sometimes it’s rosy, sometimes is disagreement but the beauty of it is how your makeup and become lovey-dovey and not wear a long face for each other. Relationships from closeness to friendship to relationships have a way to build a relationship that is worthy of emulation.

Learn to understand each other love languages – it will help to know how to treat each other right.

Everybody has flaws – you just look for the ones that you can handle and you are good to go. Just understand how to save yourself from a toxic relationship and be in a healthy one.

What Builds a Healthy Relationship


Mutual respect




Effective communication

A sense of humour

Good appearance



These and many more build a strong relationship. Again, being with someone who knows how to love right back is the key – you cannot give what you don’t have.

A relationship requires work from both parties – as such one tree cannot make a forest.

Whether it is a romantic relationship, family relationships, casual relationship or whatever relationship you are in it requires work.


The hurt from emotional cheating goes beyond human imagination. It ruins trust, support, and intimacy with your main partner.

To save you from emotional cheating, you should practice the act of heart-to-heart communication with your partner – to give no room for loneliness.

However, when you share your feelings and fears with your main partner – the first thing to overcome in a relationship. In all, being with that person who completes you – whose dreams and visions aligns with yours is the key.

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