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How Dating Apps Affect Relationships


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With the advent of online dating, it has become more convenient to just go on a dating app, create your profile and find love from the comfort of your home. So, more and more people think of finding their potential partners online instead of going out and meeting people organically. But is this really a healthy way of dating? Does it have negative impacts on our relationship and psychology? We will find out as we progress in this guide.

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How Dating Apps Affect Relationships

Here’s how dating apps affect relationships and slowly change people, even without them noticing. 

How Dating Apps Affect Relationships
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They can Diminish the Skills Needed for a Romantic Relationship

Online dating doesn’t usually require in-person meetings and communication from the start, and this can cause most users to dissociate from reality and unknowingly conform to poor communication techniques. It is very easy to forget the fact that you are interacting with the person you claim to love because the distance and lack of physicality make you less empathetic and compassionate towards the needs of your partner. 

There are Always Too Many Options to Choose From

With a large number of dating apps available today and millions of users in each app, it may feel like your perfect partner is just one swipe away. You may even give up on good people just to keep searching for that which isn’t real because you know there are so many people you can match with, so why should you settle just yet? 

These dating apps have endless scrolls, making it almost impossible to know if you have found the one or need to keep scrolling. This is why many people are involved with dating apps but are still single for so long or always end up with the wrong partners. 

They are Designed to be Addictive

Dating app users often get addicted to a mindless swiping habit because that is what dating apps are designed to do; they are programmed to make you stick around for longer and forget why you were even there in the first place. 

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Users crave cheap rewards like a match or message because they love the burst of excitement they get when that happens, so they prefer it to a relationship or a meaningful connection. In the long run, this makes your mind keep searching for that instant gratification, and you will become trapped in high and low emotions until you get addicted and keep coming back for more. 

How Dating Apps Affect Relationships
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They May Encourage Poor Relations Behaviour

There have been countless stories from dating app users about how some people behave poorly when matched with a potential partner. Someone can hold conversations with you for a few days and ghost you for no reason, and some can attempt to date you and a ton of other users at the same time. Lastly, there are dating app users who can’t seem to decide on what exactly they want from a partner; they keep jumping on the next person that appeals to them. 

This poor relationship behaviour is usually a result of the tens to hundreds of people they meet daily on the apps, which tends to overwhelm their minds. There are just far too many options to engage with one person meaningfully.

Dating Apps Can Facilitate Feelings of Low Self-esteem

When using dating apps, it is expected that you will start up many conversations with potential matches that will not eventually lead to a relationship; you may get ghosted countless times, and you can be on these apps for months without getting a meaningful connection with anyone, this can make you sad and subconsciously make you feel unworthy of having a good match. 

Some studies have also shown that most users of dating apps who can’t find love tend to develop low self-worth and dissatisfaction with their bodies and faces. 

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How to Use Dating Apps to Your Advantage 

Now that you know the negative effects of dating apps on relationships, how do you avoid or correct them if you are a victim? Keep reading to learn more.

How Dating Apps Affect Relationships
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Make Your Intentions Clear

Before you download any dating app to start searching for love, you need to set some personal goals, be honest with yourself and decide on what you want. Make your intentions clear: are you looking for something casual, a hookup, or do you want a serious relationship

This will help you avoid wasting time with the wrong people, get matched with people who align with your goals, and generally have a better experience with the app. 

Use One App at a Time

Most dating apps have millions of users from different countries, which already gives you so many options to choose from, so it is not ideal to use more than one app at the same time; this can confuse you and overwhelm you.

Instead, look for the app that offers the type of dating system you need and stick to it till you find your match, or if it doesn’t give you your desired result, look for another app but do not actively participate in so many dating apps at a time. 

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Don’t be Too Picky

It is okay to want to find the right partner, but it is also common knowledge that people aren’t perfect, and you may not find the person you have created in your mind. So when you use dating apps and find a suitable match, give them a chance to show you if they are worth it instead of constantly searching for someone better or perfect. 

Have an Authentic Profile

Each dating app has features that help you customize your profile, and these features are specifically programmed to help you find a compatible match. So when you use dating apps, complete your profile so potential matches can know more about you, and you can attract people who align with your goals. 

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In addition, when creating your dating profile, you may feel the urge to present yourself in a way that appeals to others; you are not alone in this, but it is the wrong way to start your journey of finding love. You should put yourself out there just the way you are so you will attract intentional people who already know you rather than having unrealistic expectations from you. 

Limit Your Screen Time

This one is significant for all your dating activities online; you need to be intentional about the amount of time you spend online. This is the best way to ensure you don’t get addicted to dating apps. 

Allocate time for dating apps and go off the app after a short time. Do not think that spending time away will reduce your chances of finding a match. So unless you already have someone of interest you are interacting with, there’s no point in spending hours on the app just scrolling through several profiles. 

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Everything about technological advancement seeks to make life easier, ease stress and make systems more efficient, so this means new inventions like online dating have so much good to offer. Still, people always tend to go overboard with the things that benefit them, so while dating apps may be good, it has disadvantages when they are not used in moderation and correctly.

Therefore, you must always take caution to ensure you are using dating apps the right way, and hopefully, after everything we have discussed so far, you are on the right track already.

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