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How to Find True Love as a Single Mother


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Parenting and dating are two very complex things, and it is challenging to handle them together, so if you want to find true love as a single mother, you must be prepared for the challenges because they may be overwhelming. You may ask questions like will my new partner accept me with my kids? Will my kids like my partner? Will my partner treat my kids right?

However, finding love as a single parent doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to learn the right moves to pick a good partner that will treat you and your kids right. So if you want to find love and start a beautiful relationship without jeopardising your relationship with your kids  , this guide has useful information to help you. 

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How to Find True Love as a Single Mother

Find True Love as a Single Mother

Wait Until you are Ready

If you have been through a divorce, breakup or any heartbreaking event that lead to your current situation, you must consider your mental health and your happiness before thinking about relationships.

Take as much time as you need to get yourself together and move on from the past. Ensure that when you finally decide to find true love as a single mother, you will be fully ready for it. 

Have the Right Motivation for Dating

Even as you are ready to find true love as a single mother, you must also have the right reasons for dating; whether you need a long-term relationship or a casual one, think about why you are doing it and what you hope to achieve with it.

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Getting into a relationship due to societal pressure, getting back at your ex, getting financial benefits, etc., are all wrong reasons to start your dating journey. So ensure you have the right motivation this time to get the right results. 

Brace Yourself for the Unwarranted Judgements

As a single mom, you must have heard some hurtful comments from people at one point or another. People will be curious about how you became a single mom, and not all of them will try to get the right information so that they will judge based on their assumptions.

This will get worse when you start trying to find true love as a single mother, the men you meet might judge you, his friends and family may not accept you, and so many things can go wrong. So you must first brace yourself and be ready to deal with such situations in a positive manner. 

Position Yourself Rightly

Once you are ready to get back into the dating world, you need to make some moves to find love. Consider going to the places where you can meet the right people; it might be a gym, supermarket, kids’ sporting event, single parent supports groups, local events, dating sites, social outings, community workshop etc. Meet new people, make new friends and connect with people outside your inner circle.   

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Be Honest With Your Prospects, Your Kids and Yourself

To find true love as a single mother, you need to be honest with your kids and prospective dates; it will allow them to trust you from the beginning and help you build a strong relationship. 

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If you can’t tell your children immediately about your relationship, at least try to be as honest as you can, especially when they ask questions concerning your love life. Also, be honest with your partner. Let them know you have kids, and don’t date anyone who isn’t comfortable with loving a single mother. 

Introduce Your Kids When the Time is Right

First, you should be sure you are with the right person before introducing them to your kids. Don’t set a timeframe for introducing your partner to your kids, and be mindful of the child’s feelings.

Introducing your kids to fleeting partners isn’t healthy, so try to consider the stability of your relationship before letting your partner meet your kids. Also, it is important to reassure your kids that they will always remain a priority to you and that it’s okay to love your partner like a father. 

Find True Love as a Single Mother

Be Realistic About Your Relationship

As a single mother, your relationships and love life may not be easy, but you must always tell yourself the truth; if someone isn’t meant for you, don’t settle because you think it is not easy to find a perfect match. Don’t get discouraged; with time, you will meet someone who will love you and your kids right. 

Give it Your Best Shot

Now that you know everything to do to have a successful love life as a single mother, you should do your best to keep a healthy relationship, don’t bring past hurt into your new love life and learn to trust your partner. If you find a suitable partner, give the relationship your best shot and try to make it work. 

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Finding love and companionship as a single mom is possible, even though you may have to overcome specific challenges. You can find love again by following this guide and letting yourself love someone when you find the right person. The dating journey might not be easy, but you shouldn’t be discouraged because it will all be worth it in the end; you will find the person meant for your family.

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