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How To Spot The Lies On An Online Dating Profile-10 Tips


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Most people are dishonest on dating sites and to spot the lies on an online dating profile can be a bit tricky.

Online dating is a great way to find potential partners and meet lots of new people. This relatively new form of courtship can give you access to a large pool of potential partners and also presents a unique set of challenges.

We know that everyone hates finding out that their seemingly attractive online match lied about their age, relationship status, or other aspects of their identity. Unfortunately, we also know how extremely common lying on a dating site is. 


For example, you’ve probably heard about or personally experienced a date that was planned online turn out to be a disaster for reasons such as, he was shorter than he said he was, she looked different in person than she did in her photos, or he was talkative over text but it was like pulling teeth at dinner.


In other words, a person’s profile and the messages sent before the date might not capture who the person truly is.  But when something feels fishy, how do you fish out the shady people from the genuine ones? In this article, we’ll list some of the common signs that someone is lying to help you spot the lies on an online dating profile and keep yourself safe while dating online.

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How To Spot The Lies On An Online Dating Profile

1. The Photos Look Too Good To Be True

If what you see seems too good to be true, it probably is. Most people lie about how attractive they are to increase their chances of getting matches. In some cases, they will post older photos of themselves on their dating profiles.


You can spot the lies on an online dating profile by looking at the quality of their photos, look for photos that seem dated and are not crisp, smartphone quality or don’t seem to fit with one another. If you have a feeling that something about a person’s profile doesn’t seem right, you can do a Google image search and see if there are any inconsistencies between what is said and what pops up in the search.


2. Their Profile Looks Too Perfect

People who create fake profiles want to catch your eye. They use words or pictures that they think will spark your interest. They create profiles with specific people in mind and they are targeting their profiles to a specific audience to try and get the best results.

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Some people might put up a different description on their dating profile about themselves just to attract the attention of others. Someone perfect for you might be making some things up. If you ever wonder how in the world you matched with a supermodel or why an attractive person is still single, that’s a cause for concern. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


3. Their Stories Don’t Add Up

Liars sometimes have a tough time keeping their stories straight. Maybe they are a doctor one day, and an oil rig worker the next. Or, they might say they’re from California, but when you chat again, they say they’re actually from Alabama. If you’re hearing a lot of contradictory information, it’s probably because someone isn’t telling the truth.


They might tell you that they are travelling for work, but when you ask again, they say they’re travelling to see family or say that they are divorced, but when you chat again, they say they recently got separated.


4. They Have Everything In Common With You

When you pay attention to the chat conversations you are having with someone you met online, you can easily spot the lies on an online dating profile. Most times, someone you met online would want to win you over by repeating parts of your life. Every time you say something about yourself, the person you’re chatting with comments like, “No way, me too!” This is an easy way for them to connect with you, and it also ensures they don’t have to come up with a bunch of lies on their own.


For instance, if you say your dad was in the military so you moved around a lot, a liar might say, “Wow, I also had the same experience.


5. They Profess Their Love For You Right Away

Love bombing is a tactic often used by scammers with fake online dating profiles. If you’re chatting with someone casually and out of the blue they say that they’re in love with you, take a step back and pause. Unfortunately, they might be tugging on your heartstrings to get something from you, like money or financial assistance.


People who sincerely go on dating sites to find love will take as much time as they need to get to know you and will want to meet up with you before taking any big relationship steps.

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6. They Ask You For Money

Most dating profiles are being created to scam others rather than find love. To spot the lies on an online dating profile you have to be quick-witted. Scammers will often use dating sites to ask for money transfers or gift cards.


If anyone on a dating app asks you for money or your financial information, stop talking to them immediately. They are most likely lying about their identity, and they will most likely stop talking to you after you’ve sent them cash or made you their money plug.


7. They Constantly Have Excuses For Why They Can’t Meet Up

A liar won’t want to meet in person because they are not the same person as the pictures you saw on their profile and their lies will be exposed. If you’ve been chatting online with someone for a while, it’s only natural to try and set up a date in real life.


However, if they keep making excuses or brushing you off, it might be time to move on. Usually, they will make excuses because they lied about who they are or what they look like. They might even cancel your plans at the last minute, even if you had to travel to see them.

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8. Empty Social Networks

You can spot lies on an online dating profile if you carefully access their social networks profile. A real profile will have a history of posts, photos, or other signs of engagement that will tell you about that person. If the profile has little to no activity, it was probably set up quickly to try and trick someone who isn’t being careful.


The reason that this profile only has a few friends is that those are the only people who fell for it. They probably sent friend requests to thousands of people in the hopes of making their social media profile look authentic, but only a few people fell for it.


9. They’re Way Too Forward Or Flirty

Many online dating scams come in the form of porn and prostitution. If you’re receiving steamy messages from someone you’ve never met or spoken to, don’t be surprised when they ask you to pay for their nude photos and videos or to enter their website soon thereafter. This should rather help you spot the lies on an online dating profile.

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Some people are very forward and that’s just their style. Maybe it’s your style too, and that’s alright. But, give it time and make sure that this person is actually interested in you and not just your wallet.


10. They Request Your Personal Information

Whether they’re trying to steal your credit card number or your identity, an online dating profile requesting your full name, address, phone number, or social security number is not someone you want to continue talking to.


Don’t be afraid to be stern with people asking these questions. After all, they probably have malicious intentions. If they ask for your info, tell them that you aren’t comfortable with that. Ask them why they need it. Be suspicious.


If it was a miscommunication and the person is interested in you or cares about you, they will probably back off and apologize for making you uncomfortable. However, if they’re being pushy, aggressive, or trying to rush you by saying there’s some sort of emergency, don’t fall for it.



There are a million things that fake online profiles might be after. Some of them are far worse than others. Fake profiles may be created just to prank people or play with their emotions, but they could also be created to trick you into sharing sensitive information or handing over large amounts of cash.

To protect yourself from harm when meeting someone new, you can run your background checks on potential dates or on profiles you suspect to be fake using third-party services you trust.

Also, make sure to talk to your friends and people close to you about the person that you are talking to, especially if you meet in person. This will not only protect you in potentially dangerous situations, but people outside of the relationship may be able to spot red flags more easily because they are not emotionally involved.

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