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10 Things You Must Know Before Separating From Your Husband


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When you’re making the decision of separating from your husband, you don’t just pack your bags and walk out the door without having other plans.

If you’re considering ending your marriage, the road ahead can seem overwhelming, paved with financial, emotional, logistical, and domestic challenges. Walking out abruptly in a heated moment can only result in making things worse in the long run for both you and your partner. Being prepared with a deliberate exit plan to set yourself up for self-sufficiency can help protect you from potential legal losses and emotional hardships.


You may also find that you want to make other life changes at this time, for example, changes to your career, your lifestyle, or parenting arrangements, hence the reason for separating from your husband.


It could as well be that your marriage is at the endpoint and you are giving careful consideration of separating from your husband. But before you leave, it would be a good idea to sit down in a calm space and do some serious planning. 


But whatever the case may be, marital separation should be used mainly as a way to heal a hurting marriage. In other words, separating from your husband is not necessarily the beginning of the end. Instead, it should be an opportunity for struggling couples to get wise care and expert input.

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With that said, we at Romanticstrategy have put together a list of things you should know before separating from your husband should this decision be your last resolution.


10 Things You Must Know Before Separating From Your Husband

Ground Rules Are Important

You’ve spent some good and bad times together so separating from your husband isn’t something that just happens overnight. Bear in mind that preparing for separation needs to be done properly to avoid any lingering discord that may affect your lives later.

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Having some ground rules in place while getting separated can make the difference between whether you get what you need out of the separation or not. You’ll need to have some hard conversations while separating from your husband. Decide together who will live where, and whether or not you will have contact during the separation.


As part of the steps of separating from your husband, agree on how to handle tough issues like child care and visitation arrangements, and whether dating is allowed.


Get Your Finances In Order

Look at your current household budget and the regular household bills. It is important to have a general understanding of what your family is currently spending each month and what you may need to maintain your lifestyle. Additionally, looking at the transactions on your bank statements can reveal transfers to accounts you were not aware existed.


Line Up Support

A therapist is always a good idea as this will give you a dedicated moment. Even if separating from your husband is your decision, you will need a listening ear. It can be in the form of a therapist, your family, or your friends.


A therapist is always a good idea as this will give you a dedicated moment where you can air all of your emotions in a safe place, without fear of gossip spreading or overloading your family or friends with your situation.


Parenting Arrangements

You should make an effort to increase your involvement in your children’s lives immediately if you wish to be more involved with them after separating from your husband. Courts look to the level of involvement each parent has had with the children before separation when deciding the issues of custody and access.

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Don’t Overshare

Be mindful of who you discuss the details of your intention of separating from your husband. You may be unknowingly sharing with someone who is acting as an informant for your spouse. If you must share the details of your divorce, make sure it is with someone who will keep the conversation private.


Tell Your Children

When telling your kids the news, tell them together with your spouse if possible and try as much to avoid the blame game, and let them know it’s not their fault. Wait until you know for sure that you are leaving to tell them. Including uncertainty will only make children, especially young children, more unsure and confused.


Alone Time Can Be Both Good And Bad

When thinking of separating from your husband, alone time is vital for recharging your batteries and figuring out who you are outside of your marriage. Factor in regular alone time, whether that’s a quiet evening alone or even a weekend break after separating from your husband.


Managing Your Money 

When separating from your husband, you might both agree between yourselves on how to divide your money. Even if you do, it’s a good idea to talk to a solicitor once you’ve decided what you want to do. When you’re deciding how to divide your money, you’ll need to work out how much money you have in a bank or building society accounts, savings or investments.


Get All Legal And Financial Documents Sorted

You must know where you stand in terms of the financial assets and liabilities of your relationship. You need to know what your partner’s financial position is as well as yours so that you can make informed decisions moving forward.

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Important legal and financial documents include your passport, driving license, insurance documents, birth/marriage certificate, tax returns, bank statements etc.


Get Legal Advice/Aid

Not getting expert legal advice early and throughout the whole separation process could cost you a lot. Navigating your way through a separation is stressful and at times complicated. There are Law Firms that offer a friendly no nonsense service with no hidden costs.


You might be able to get legal aid to pay for mediation when you separate, but it’s hard to get it for solicitors’ fees, even if you’re on benefits. You can usually only get legal aid if you or your children have been victims of domestic abuse and domestic abuse includes controlling behaviour, like stopping you from withdrawing your own money.



These are only some of the necessary things you should know before separating from your husband. There are numerous other aspects to address when you’ve decided to separate or end your marriage: Change the beneficiary on your insurance policies. Consider your health insurance policy. Obtain a copy and monitor your credit report to make sure your spouse isn’t spending excessively or vindictively, making sure all bills are being paid, and that there is no negative activity on the report.


If you are thinking about separating from your spouse, an experienced divorce attorney can guide you through the steps of divorce, and make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s ((in a legal sense). Proper preparation and handling of divorce will also help minimize emotional or financial struggles.

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