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How to Flirt With a Guy – 10 Foolproof Techniques


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So you want to know how to flirt with a guy? Some people are born flirts. They know how to command the attention of any man they want. These women, with their looks, body language and words, can flirt with any man (including the ones that may prove stubborn).

For some others, the word “flirt” is a strange term, and they don’t even know how to practice it. These types of women are naturally shy and introverted. They are hardly seen flirty with any guy. And when a guy takes the initiative by trying to flirt with them, they may withdraw into their shell and prefer to remain there till eternity.

Perhaps, you are wondering how to flirt with a guy. You have seen a guy you like and wouldn’t mind flirting with. But you don’t even know where to start. This article is for you! Read to the end to discover foolproof ways to teach you how to flirt with a guy without making a scene.

How to Flirt with a Guy – Understanding How Men Flirt

While considering how to flirt with a guy, the most important thing you should realize is that flirting is an art and a science. This means it’s crucial to understand situations and leverage them to unleash flirting behaviors.

Most times, the guy you are trying to flirt with might already be flirting with you unnoticed. But if you understand these situations, you can quickly tell if a guy is flirting with you or just “being friends.”

On the contrary, if a guy is flirting with you and you flirt back, it usually creates the perfect scene and could mark the beginning of a smooth scaling relationship.

How to Flirt with a Guy – Even if You Weren’t Born a Flirt

After understanding the art of flirting, you may want to learn how to flirt with a guy you like. It’s not rocket science. You do not even have to fall in love with any guy to flirt with them. These suggestions will help.

  • Laugh at his jokes

You will hardly find a man that doesn’t feel special when a woman laughs at his jokes. If you are serious about flirting with a guy, you must be ready to laugh at his jokes, especially when you are alone with him. Aside from being good medicine, laughter can bring people together. Turn up feelings and create the right atmosphere for romantic discussions.

  • Show genuine interest
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Most men appreciate the attention, and your crush may not be exempt. If you have a chance to speak directly with him, seize the opportunity to ask some reasonable questions about his life that shows you are genuinely interested.

If he is going through a challenge or stressed due to a burden, you could show empathy by resonating with him and offering valid suggestions to ease the situation. Listen when he speaks, and do not blame him for any action he didn’t take.

How to flirt with a guy isn’t hard if you have your way with words. And if you are genuine enough, he may likely look forward to another conversation with you.

  • Put on a smile

Perhaps, you want to learn how to flirt with a guy so you can catch your crush’s attention and lure him into dating you, right? But, then, you may have also realized that you can’t achieve it if you always frown the moment you see him coming.

Avoid looking down at your phone, pretending to be doing something serious. You may not grab his attention that way. Instead, wear a cheerful smile and wave at him. That’s a strong signal; it’s just irresistible for most guys.

Getting into a deep conversation with him at this stage isn’t necessary. Instead, a smile could do the magic and get you on his radar sooner than you thought.

  • Allow him to catch you staring at him

This might seem scary, but it usually works for confident women looking for how to flirt with a guy. When a guy catches you staring at them, you may look away before they realize it. Even though that is the usual thing, you should consider trying something different.

So, don’t look away when he catches you staring at him. Instead, smile at him and even wink. Most guys get the message and may even go ahead to start a conversation with you.

  • Choose the perfect conversation starter

Still looking for how to flirt with a guy, choosing the best conversation starter could make all the difference. Avoid using recycled lines millions of other women have probably used over decades.

A simple yet intriguing statement is just enough to break the ice and set the ball rolling. Choosing the best conversation starters is crucial to the continuity of the conversation with your crush. You do not want to end it subconsciously by asking a withy or an annoying question, do you?

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The perfect line could go a long way to make him remember you even in his sleep. So make it rosy, fun and interesting. That way, he will look forward to your following conversation with excitement.

  • Maintain eye contact

A guy flirting with you will single you out, and you will catch him staring at you even in public. Eye contact is one of the weapons guys use to register their flirting tactics. So, it would help if you did the same when trying to flirt with a guy.

If you are still wondering how to flirt with a guy, lingering eye contact is one of the best ways. It shows you are interested in them or are curious about their activities. For example, you could take your eyes down to his lips and back to his eyes again. Most guys can’t resist this move. So don’t be surprised to see him staring at you and even picking interest in you after that.

  • Use body language

Tips for flirting with a guy aren’t complete without mentioning body language. It is one of the weapons women have to quickly get what they want from a man. Since women naturally have a seductive body, you could use it to your advantage by making him run his eyes over your body in excitement.

If possible, move closer to him and establish physical contact. You could do this by sitting next to him or leaning toward him as you listen to his conversations. If you want to avoid looking straight into his eyes, you could put your arm at the back of his chair.

You usually don’t have to display your sexiness to the extreme before he gets the message. However, if you can bring focus to your body, things may quickly move in the right direction.

  • Compliment him

How to flirt with a guy – this is yet another way to make him notice you and show you are genuinely interested in him too. Men like compliments just like women do. So giving praise is a crucial factor when flirting with a guy.

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You could compliment him for his dress sense, achievement at work, or another incredible thing you notice about him. It shows you are curious about his activities and want to spend time with him.

Most men will reciprocate this gesture by developing an interest in you, or they may begin to ask questions that also show they want to become a part of your life in the future.

  • Play with him

This has nothing to do with sex. It may interest you how flirting with a guy involves playful touches. It’s a great way to create bonding and build intimacy. You could connect your body chemistry with his by touching his hand and pressing it against yours while conversing with him.

A hug or kiss could also go a long way to register your flirting tactics on his mind. If you are shy, you could accidentally pretend to bump into them in the walkway or anywhere you usually meet. This could create the perfect environment to flirt with him.

  • Dance with him

If you ever get a chance to dance with your crush, seize the opportunity to unleash your flirting tactics. Perhaps, you met him in a club, ceremony or family event. Once it’s time to dance, don’t be shy. Walk up straight to him and dance with him using different sexy styles.

This will help him ease tension and be free with you. Maybe he already has an eye for you without you noticing it. So, when you dance with him, he will quickly realize that you feel the same way for him too.

Final Thought

Now you can see that how to flirt with a guy is simple. If you are crushing over someone you like, you don’t need to have sleepless nights to get him to develop an interest in you. A simple move like a wink could send the perfect message.

The suggestions in this article are easy to practice, even if you are an introvert. So when you find someone you crush on, don’t let him slip through your hands.

You may also want to discover the rules for a perfect relationship.

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