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How to Avoid Dating Scams


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Are you looking to start dating? One of the things to consider is the risks involved; you need to learn how to avoid dating scams so you will not waste your time and resources with the wrong person. 

The fact that millions of people are now dating on different platforms, especially online, goes to show that so many desire to have a special person in their lives, but don’t let that fool you; so many are still out for what they can take from people. So before you run off to create a profile on a dating site or to reply to that DM somewhere, you should have the proper knowledge to combat these risks. That is why you should learn how to avoid dating scams, which we will discuss in this guide.

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How to Avoid Dating Scams 

How to Avoid Dating Scams
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Take it Slow

The first thing you must remember on how to avoid dating scams is that when you meet someone new and are considering a relationship, take your time to be sure about the person. Scammers do not have such patience because they are there to take something from you, preferably as fast as possible. 

So you may find that they are eager for early devotion; they will send gifts, flatter you with compliments, and even tell you they love you before getting to know you. What you need to do is to stay focused and not get carried away by emotions. Ask a lot of questions and seek to spend time with them; with time, you will get to know their character because they can’t pretend for too long. 

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Do Your Research

Another vital thing to know about how to avoid dating scams is that you shouldn’t rely on the information they give about themselves; while you are taking things slow, you must do your personal research, check their social media and search for their names on Google, this should give a hint of the kind of person you are starting a relationship with. 

Also, note that a person who doesn’t exist online in this current age or has numerous accounts on one social media platform is most likely a scammer. Do not forget to reverse-search their images through Google as well.

Keep it Public

Scammers often start conversations on dating sites, apps and popular social media platforms, but then they attempt to steer the conversation elsewhere, usually to a private text or email. You mustn’t fall for this trap; always reiterate your preference to communicate on the app or site where you both started and don’t be in haste to give out your email or phone number.

Keep Your Information Private

You may already have some basic information on your social media or dating site profile, and as you keep communicating with a person of interest, it is natural to share some more information and get to know each other better, but that doesn’t mean you have to share everything.

How to Avoid Dating Scams
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No matter where the conversations lead and how much you trust this person, you must be selective when giving out information, especially things about your financial life.

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Watch out for Inconsistencies

When asking questions and getting to know someone new, you must take note of their answers and try to remember them. Romance scammers tend to lie about a lot of things and sometimes cannot give the same reply to a question if asked on two different occasions. 

Also, watch out for how they act or behave; if you have been talking for a while, are they still as excited and engaged as before, or are they slowly fading out? It would be best if you watched out for these inconsistencies.  

Meet in Person

If you happen to meet someone online, it is not just enough to message each other and start a relationship; the best way to get to know someone is by meeting them in person. If they claim to live far away and can’t make plans to meet in person, then you can go ahead with the relationship at your own risk because there is no point in being with someone you may never meet, and it may also be a sign of a scam.

However, if you are meeting this person, ensure you meet in a public, safe place until you know them enough to do otherwise.

Be Wary of Requests for Money

One of the vital things to know about how to avoid dating scams is to be wary of requests for money. This is one of the major reasons why there are romance scammers, and this is how their relationships usually end; they gain your trust and get you to fall in love with them, and then they start coming up with stories of challenges they are facing, sometimes they request for money and even threaten to end things with you if you do not oblige to their request. 

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How to Avoid Dating Scams
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So you must not make emotional judgments in such situations; thread carefully and, if possible, get your family and friends involved so they can caution you when you are going off track.

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Dating scams are sometimes not obvious until you fall victim, and many times, people are so consumed with emotions that they can’t see what is right in front of them. So when you decide to start dating or to look for the right person, you must learn to control your emotions and follow these tips in this guide correctly; whether you are dating online or in person, romance scams can happen to anyone. 

If you notice any suspicious activities or signs of dating scams, ensure you end the conversation or relationship immediately; do not confront them, or else they will try to convince you again. Also, contact the relevant authorities and seek help so other people will not fall victim to the same scammer. 

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