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20 Red Flag Signs in a Relationship


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Red flag signs in a relationship are warning signs that occur in a relationship to indicate you are not compatible. Initially, when dating an individual it is not so easy to detect the red flag signs but if you are observant you will discover them easily.

A relationship is a period when both partners understand each other better. It is certain that during the cause of the relationship red flag signs can be exhibited by any of the partners, A sudden change in character can create room for suspicion which could mean your partner is unfaithful.

There are numerous red flag signs in a relationship to indicate if he will make a good wife or good husband.

Do you want to know the red flag signs in a relationship? Then check out the red flags signs discussed below.

Red flag signs in a relationship

  1. Affection-Taking: They withhold affection from you, they are always too strict to a fault this simply means he doesn’t love you.

2. Wants to be your only friend: Anyone with the intention of having you solemnly to himself is a crucial red-flag sign in a relationship.

3. They are full of deceit: If they are full of deceit, it makes them harder to trust. Such a person can not make a good partner

4. Selfish: The plans you make with them only involve what they want to do, and they always want to get their way.

5. Avoiding: They don’t like to meet you at all times. If they avoid meeting your family and friends, they are most likely hiding something from you.

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6. They are overdependent: Any person that over-depends on you for their needs will certainly not make a good partner. This is a red flag sign and an indication to look somewhere else.

7. They are liars: An Individual who hides their identity is a red flag sign in a relationship. Run before it is too late.

8. They are not apologetic: They never say sorry for their wrong actions, they always feel he is always on the right side.

9. He dislikes your family members: If he dislikes your family member it simply means they don’t love you. this is a red flag in a relationship.

10. They are lazy: A major red flag in a relationship is they are lazy, they don’t want to do anything, In terms of house chores individual may not make a good spouse.

11. They take all your time: They are always around you, They don’t engage in any other activity, it is a red-flag sign in a relationship he is most likely not responsible.

12. They want to be your only friend: They only want to be with you, and while that might sound flattering, they also encourage you to cut ties with friends and family.

13. They make a negative statement about you: You should be able to detect if one truly loves you from what they say about you. If anyone says negative words they do not love you.

14. Rudeness: They are dismissive or mean to your closest friends and family.

15 They are controlling: A partner who dictates at all times is not the best in a relationship such character shows your partner is not good enough for you.

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16. They do not forgive:  If it reminds them of their past, they may not want to tarnish their memories by including you. When it feels like you’re sidestepping your way through a minefield, they can’t move forward with you.

17. They are not available:  They disappear for weeks or months. If they reconnect, there’s no explanation. Your time is valuable. Please don’t waste it on someone flaky.

18 They are constantly on-call: Do they call too frequently, it’s most likely they are having an affair.

19. They Do not trust you: They may still be hurting, and that’s understandable, but if their fear of being hurt or left again is damaging their ability to trust, that insecurity acts like an impenetrable wall against intimacy with you.

20. They cheat on you: A red flag sign in a relationship is when your partner has a sexual relationship with others. this is a clear sign they won’t be faithful to you in the relationship and Marriage.

Finally, Red flags portray your partner’s character it will further let you know if you are compatible. Ensure you detect them easily in other to get married to the right person.


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