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How to Approach a Girl: 10 Foolproof Techniques to Overcome Shyness 


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Isn’t this the big question we all ask ourselves, how do I approach a girl and leave a significant and lasting impression?

It’s another day again. A day to remember and lots of fun to have. The pretty girl you’ve always admired; now finds comfort in your warm embrace. Your tender breath brushes her shoulders as she leans forward, listening to your heartbeat. It’s a miracle, you think. She is finally yours. How the symphony keeps improving and her enchanting soft giggles she makes to the funny joke you crack doesn’t end. Too bad these are all figments of your imagination and dreams, and you have no hope they will come true. You are too shy and don’t know how to approach a girl. 

Approaching a girl is the problem most guys face; they tend to become nervous and shaky when approaching a lady, and even when they manage to do it, it usually doesn’t end well. 

Is this the end of the road for you? No, of course, why should it be? With these carefully crafted and proven tricks, you would learn how to approach a girl, strike a conversation, and even win the heart of any girl you want. The only thing you have to do is read thoroughly till the end. You don’t want to miss the secret ingredient in approaching any girl.

How to Approach a Girl: Evergreen Tactics That Work

  • Make sure to grab her attention

Now when looking to approach a girl you like, an important thing you should do is let her know you are coming. And to do this, here are the steps you should follow.

  • Make glances at her

Before you approach a girl, look briefly at her momentarily and turn away immediately when she notices you; This would trigger her curiosity and keep questions in her head. Don’t do it too often; she might perceive you as a threat.

  • Make Eye contact

While staring at her, make sure you have eye contact and keep your eyes glued to hers for a few seconds before turning away.

  • Give her a quick and gentle smile

Also, while staring at her, make sure to give a quick smile when you feel confident and a bit connected; this further strengthens the connection and gives her a sense of ease and comfort. Make sure she notices your smile. Do not give a malicious grin, except you intend to scare her away.

  • Appear distracted
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This trick comes in handy when you are in a group of friends and you want to approach a girl, and she isn’t close to you. While discussing with friends, turn and look at her shortly and in intervals. It passes the message that you are distracted and can’t focus on your conversation because of her. 

Doing this would help you win her attention more easily. Additionally, while you do this, be sure to chip in a momentary smile once every few moments. And if she reciprocates, you can be sure she is interested in you and probably has some reservations pending when you approach her.

  • Approach her in her eyes direction

Do not sneak on a girl you want to approach; girls perceive this as a typical stalker move. To grab her attention effectively, make sure to approach her from her eyes direction so she can better prepare for what is coming.

  • Forget about the pickup line

Although it is natural to be nervous when approaching a girl you haven’t met, you must proceed cautiously. Using all the willpower you can muster, forget about any pickup line you can think of, and think to make your conversation as natural as possible. Proceed with genuine curiosity and interest in her. Be yourself and work towards knowing her organically.

You would be better off showing her your real personality rather than putting on a facade, claiming to be who you are not. Of course, this may temporarily arouse her interest, but in the long run, it could result in regrets and heartbreak. 

  • Take note of her body language

Before you approach a girl, if she is interested in you, she sends out some body language, either intentionally or not. Just be observant. If she smiles back at you when you stare and frequently stares at you, too, then it’s a sign she is interested in you and approves of you approaching her. 

Although it may be the first time you meet her, research proves that women tend to lean their heads down while staring at you with a slight grin if she is sexually attracted to you, and the study also states that men 98 percent of the time recognizes it; which means you would definitely know when you see it.

  • Be confident

Being confident is not all about how you talk but also how you act. Before you approach a girl, ensure you have the correct body language that speaks volumes about your personality. Make sure you are well dressed, smell nice, and are organized. Remember, first impression matters.

  • Don’t rush; approach her at the right time
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Good timing is an important point you need to consider before taking a step in approaching a girl. Before reaching out to her,  ensure she is not tensed and she is willing to be distracted for a little while.

If you want to approach a girl and start a conversation, be mindful of the time you meet her. Rushing in would only make you look awkward and, in most cases, annoying. Take your time, and ensure she is in the right mood for a discussion before taking that step. And when you do, you will enjoy your time.

  • Start a conversation

Now that you’ve built a connection, it’s time to go further. Starting a conversation. After you approach a girl, you have just 5 minutes to prove you are worth her time before she walks away. Doing it the right way would increase your chance of winning her over. You can start by either requesting a bit of advice or direction to a place. Whatever it is, keep it simple and straight to the point. The goal is to start a conversation that may lead to a long-term relationship.

  • Ask engaging questions

Starting a conversation is easy so long you are not crossing lines and encroaching privacy. Now, how do you talk to a girl you just met? Asking random questions doesn’t do the trick in cases like this. You have to be engaging and straight to the point; This shows confidence in yourself, and girls are naturally attracted to guys with confidence.

Before you approach any girl, here are quick questions you can use in starting a conversation 

  • What’s something you wish you knew or would like to learn?
  • What word most accurately describes you
  • What movie made you cry
  • Do you love concerts
  • Don’t try getting her number {save it for the next time you meet}

Although you may feel triggered to ask for a girl’s number the moment you approach her, you don’t have to do it. People usually don’t feel comfortable giving out personal information to strangers, especially when they just met you. 

Asking people you just met for their phone number could pass a wrong message. You don’t want to appear like someone who has ulterior motives.

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And yes! it could be the first and last time you see; how do you handle this situation? It’s simple. You can either give her your phone number or social media handle. This way, she can access more details about you from your handle. And if she feels comfortable, she could message you.

  • Pay attention to the negative cue

Although you may perceive your conversation is going smoothly, it may not be the case. After you’ve approached the girl you like, take note of any negative cues. She might feel uncomfortable or impolite telling you a no, so she tries to stick with the conversation as long as possible. Suppose you pay attention to her while you discuss; you would notice any negative cue. Calmly close the discussion politely before leaving. It would be best if you didn’t overstay your welcome.

  • Be comfortable with rejection

Now you’ve tried everything and ensured you weren’t creepy and pushy about anything. 

Yet she doesn’t look interested.

Hey! There’s no reason to get depressed about it. Just because you approach a girl and she doesn’t feel anything for you doesn’t mean you should stress yourself about it. Of course, you spent enough time and fantasized about it already. The simple truth is all these don’t change a thing. Everyone has an exclusive right over decisions; knowing this would help you easily overcome rejections.

In situations where she outright tells you “No,” do not ask her to give reasons whyshe is not interested or push her into changing her mind. It may not only creep her out but also make her feel threatened.

Additionally, before approaching any girl, fully engage with the process but not completely attached to it. So when it goes south, it doesn’t affect you and discourages you from approaching another.


Use these tips for how to approach a girl, and you’d be getting a girlfriend in no time. Although this trick may also help you win several girls, It’s best not to abuse dating opportunities when dealing with anyone of the opposite sex.
Now that you know how to approach a girl, you may also want to know how to express love in a relationship.


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