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How To Date Multiple Women At Once – 20 Tips for Success 


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There are several reasons why men prefer to double date or even date multiple women at once. For some people, dating one person is not just enough because they have sexual or emotional voids that one woman might be unable to fill due to unavailability or other reasons. For people in open relationships, dating multiple women at once is not an uncommon situation. Now, while the need to date multiple women at once is not an uncommon situation that you can find yourself in, there are ideal ways to go about this and not ruin the entire relationship you wanted to keep. 

This article outlines 20 tips for successfully dating multiple women at once. Keep reading. 

Useful Tips to Date Multiple Women at Once 

  • Practice Honesty With Your Partner

The most important thing not to do when you want to successfully date multiple women at once is to be dishonest about your intentions. As a rule of thumb, dishonesty is usually considered a red flag in relationships. 

This is because you can only keep her interested for as long as she does not find out you’ve been lying. And this is not usually a long period. Instead, open up to your partner that you are interested in seeing other women casually. In the best-case scenario, she might also be interested in doing the same, or both of you would agree on how to make it feasible, especially since she shares and understands your concerns. 

You won’t have any reason to be secretive about seeing other women in both situations. Opening up to your intentions in the relationship can also present an opportunity to discuss what both of you want in the relationship or other unresolved issues and arrive at mutually agreeable solutions.

  • Maintain a strictly casual relationship

It is no new knowledge that when deeper feelings get involved in a casual fling, your original relationship is threatened. This is because with deeper feelings come emotional obligations or even jealousy. At some point, you might as well develop feelings or emotional connections with one or more women. Hence, it is best to keep things casual if you want to maintain your original relationship and/or date multiple women at once.

However, keeping things casual does not imply being disrespectful or inconsiderate to the woman you’re dating. You should value and respect their feelings while keeping things casual.

  • When dating multiple women at once, it is important to be thoughtful in your words and actions. 
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Being thoughtful implies that you are careful with the things you say or do and, most importantly, how you say or do them. It is easy for any of the women you’re dating to misinterpret, feel jealous, or like they’re missing out from cues that may be irrelevant, like late replies, body language, etc. 

  • Only share relevant information

A major part of dating multiple women at once is about dealing with each woman uniquely and not sharing irrelevant information or may incite jealousy. When asked for a meet-up, a simple “I’ll be busy by then. How about…” would suffice instead of stating in detail that you’ll be with another partner at the proposed time. 

  • Use sexual protective measures or inform your partner to do so for sexual relationships

If you’re dating multiple women at once and having sexual relations with them, it is best to use protection to avoid contracting STIs. Keeping your partner in the dark about having multiple sexual affairs is also not in their best interests.

Talk about deal breakers or rules for dating multiple women at once

When seeing multiple partners, you should lay ground rules for your affairs. Deal breakers like developing deep feelings, emotional connections, dating your partner’s friends, etc., can help a polyamorous relationship stay viable and consensual.

Establish intentions when dating multiple women at once

If you want to see multiple women, it is best to define parameters such as what you’re looking for with another partner, the duration and nature of the relationship, etc. If you’re only open to a casual hookup with another partner for a few months or weeks, you should also let them know.

  • Stick with partners that have similar interests as you

If you’re only open to a casual hookup with another partner, it is not wise to pursue a relationship with a woman looking for marriage or exclusivity when you just want to date multiple women at once. This helps you to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in the future. Try to respect your other partners’ interests as much as possible and avoid ambiguity in your dealings. 

  • Don’t rush it
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If you’re just trying out dating multiple women at once, it is best to take things slow, especially during the beginning stages. Dating multiple women at once can be demanding, as such, one relationship can be neglected above the other, so it is best to manage as few relationships as possible when starting. Books and lessons on polyamory can help you learn how to manage multiple relationships at once. 

  • Be open to change

While dating multiple women at once, it is possible to feel differently than how you felt starting. Ignoring or denying these feelings is usually not a great idea as you may end up unhappy or unsatisfied. When you feel differently while dating multiple women at once, discuss these feelings with your partners and the best way to move forward with them. 

  • Be present and attentive with whoever you’re with

While dating multiple women at once, you may need to hang out or go on dates with them. In these situations, pay attention to your partner while you’re together. Avoid being engrossed in your phone or talking about your other women while on a date together.

  • Remember that non-exclusivity works both ways

When it comes to casually dating multiple women at once, it is best to assume they are seeing multiple partners. This keeps you in check and keeps the open relationship balanced. 

  • Have a schedule for your different relationships

When dating multiple women at once, it is easy to get carried away with one while neglecting the other. To avoid this, keeping a physical or digital schedule of your appointments with each partner is best. This also helps in avoiding double-booking yourself. 

  • Maintain a low profile on social media

Social network platforms have a way of amplifying situations or feeding the insecurities of your other partners. So it is ideal to avoid sharing dates and moments on social media, not because you’re hiding your other relationships but to curb jealousy and comparisons. 

  • Advise your partners to limit social media exposure as well

While you may avoid social media exposure while dating multiple women at once, it is also important to advise your partners to do the same. This helps to avoid amplifying a casual relationship or ambiguity in casual dating. 

  • Deal with jealousy from your partners

It is common for jealousy to affect the relationships you have with these women. With non-exclusive relationships, the chances are even higher. Dealing with jealousy would require honesty to your partner, however, in a way that reassures them of your interest in your relationship with them. 

  • Avoid jealousy 
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If you feel jealous about your partners’ relationships, it is best to open up about how you feel. This can be a great time to evaluate your relationship with them and fix any lapses that may have given room for jealousy.

  • Accept the possibility of losing them

In open relationships, you should expect that any woman you’re with can pursue something with another person. This can develop into serious relationships that may not have you in the picture. Accept this and avoid manipulating women to stick with you all the way.

  • Allow whoever you’re with to be decisive

Try not to involve yourself with personal decisions your casual partners need to make. Allowing them to be decisive and accept the outcome of their decision shows maturity and is vital for viable open relationships.

  • Avoid giving preferential treatment to one partner

In polyamorous relationships, it is not ideal for treating one partner above the other in a way that can incite jealousy. Share your time, attention, and resources equally amongst the women you’re dating. This also helps you to avoid turning a casual relationship into something more. 

  • Do not treat the women you’re casually dating as your girlfriends

Especially when they’ve made it clear that they want to keep things strictly casually, it is not ideal to go above and beyond with elaborate dates, vacations, or other couples’ stuff. Ensure that the casual relationship stays casual. 


In all honesty, dating multiple women at once can be tasking and very demanding, especially for people new to polyamory. This, however, does not mean it’s impossible. As long as you’re following all the rules and your partners are okay with your multiple relations, dating multiple women at once can be a great way to explore your sexual or emotional desires. 

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