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Does She Like Me? 10 Signs She is Interested in You


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You may flirt with a woman regularly and become fond of her, but it could be hard to answer the question: does she like me?” You are not alone; sometimes, it’s hard to understand the emotions of someone you like.

How do you know if you are in the same boat or if she is just “playing along?” If you can’t tell if she likes you or not, that shouldn’t make you lose interest in her. However, neither should you begin to entertain doubts that she might be pretending. There are many ways to know if she likes you. 

This post will teach you the 10 sure signs to know if she likes you. Read to the end to discover them, and perhaps, you may realize that she had long enjoyed your company even before you made your intentions known to her. So, you will never have to wonder does she likes me?

Does She Like Me? What Are the Signs She is Interested in You?

If you want to know sure signs that she is interested in you, it would help if you watched out for these signs in her. And when you spot any of them, boom! That’s proof that she is interested in you too. We know you can’t wait to discover these signs. So, let’s get started!

1.      She introduces you to her friends and family regularly

What sign could be more apparent than this? A girl that likes you will not be shy to show you to her friends. You may even get tired when hearing, “please meet my….”

That’s not all. She may let everyone in her family meet you and tell them things about you regularly. So don’t be surprised when she places the call on loudspeaker each time you call; she would be ashamed to pick up your calls in public too.

Another big sign related to this is if she invites you to family gatherings and other parties with her friends. Still, thinking: does she like me? 

2.      She laughs at everything you say

She might be full of humor and easy to talk to, but if she laughs at anything you tell her, she is probably into you already than you imagined. Most times, your jokes might sound dry and harsh, but a girl who likes you will find them funny and laugh hard at them.

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Aside from that, she will also look for ways to make you laugh and grin at you when you scold her in public. This is one of the best ways to know if she likes you enough.

3.      She is nervous when she is with you

There are certain character traits you must expect from a girl to determine whether she likes you or not. For example, when a girl likes you, she may behave in a certain way to pass the message across to you subconsciously. And she may expect you to understand her body movements.

These behavioral traits may include avoiding eye contact, receiving gifts from you with shivering hands, smiling at the slightest chance, messing with her hair whenever she sees you or talks to you, etc.

There is a big difference between when a girl is shy around you and when she doesn’t want to come near you. You ought to know the difference so you can always provide an answer to the puzzle: does she like me?

4.      She doesn’t hesitate to compliment you before others

Does she like me? This is yet another sign to tell if she is interested in you or not. Have you ever received a compliment from her? Does she make you feel good in public or tell you how you smell nice before your friends? 

If your answers are in the affirmative, then chances are she likes you but may not want to make her feelings known yet. Generally, most women are not as good at expressing their feelings as men. So that’s hard to tell if a girl likes you or not. 

But a compliment never lies. If she dishes them out like food whenever she sees you, you have no excuse to doubt her interest in you.

  1. She doesn’t end your conversations rudely.

A girl who likes you will never act as a “conversation stopper.” She would instead do all she could to keep the conversation going. She will enjoy every moment she spends talking to you, wishing you never had to leave her or hang up the call. Would she rudely hang the call on you? Not at all!

A girl who likes you will always enjoy your company even when she appears very busy. She will still create time for you. And if you ask questions when she is on a call, she wouldn’t wave you off aggressively but rather give you a gentle beep to signify she is on a call. 

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6.    She doesn’t forget things you tell her

Does she like me? If she easily remembers the things you tell her, chances are she likes you already. You may be surprised to see her bringing up conversations you spoke with her a few days or weeks ago. This is one of the signs that she is into you.

There is a difference between paying attention to what a person says and listening to remember what they said several days after. Does she remember even the little dumb statements you make? Or does she remind you of a promise you made that you have forgotten? These are signs that she probably likes you more than you do.

7.    You have caught her repeatedly staring at you

Have you ever caught her staring at you whenever she assumes you won’t notice? This is one of the signs that she likes you. Probably you were out with your friends, and you caught her staring at you, but she quickly looked away as soon as you saw her. You need not argue anymore. She is interested in you but may not want to make it obvious. And there is probably something she admires in you that makes her stare at you often.

A girl likes a guy for different reasons. Perhaps, she like a particular behavior you possess, your charisma, personality and zealousness. But, what matters here is that you both like each other. So, one party is not taking the interest of the other for granted.

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8.    She is always there for you

If you have always asked, “does she like me?” Maybe you should remember different occasions when she stood by you and helped you out. A girl that likes you will make time for you no matter her busy schedule.

She won’t come up with excuses to ensure she doesn’t perform the request you asked her for. A girl that likes you will stand by you in difficult times no matter the circumstance. This could be in person, through phone calls or by sending you messages. 

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9.    She seizes every opportunity to tell you she’s single

Does she regularly inform you about not finding the perfect guy or relationship? Or does she usually tell you about the nuances in her love life? This is a sure sign that she likes you. On most occasions, she could tell you she needs you to accompany her to an event or a dinner party so she wouldn’t feel lonely. 

This is another sign that she is already into you and trusts your company. So you may offer to accompany her and make her feel safe.

10. She asks for your help on little things

 Men are indeed physically stronger than women. Therefore, there are some things or tasks women might need help with, and only a man can provide the support. As a man, you should expect her to ask for your assistance in things like lifting heavy luggage, carrying big sacks, etc.

But you can quickly tell if she is into you when she goes to a great length to get your attention. For example, if she asks you for help on silly things like using a remote, opening the door, finding her car keys, or zipping her jacket, she might be interested in you just as you like her.

Most women don’t go all the way to declare love for a man openly. Instead, they rely on body language, gestures and other behavior to send the message across. It’s up to you to understand and interpret them.

Does She Like Me? Now You Can Tell

Perhaps, you can now provide an answer to the question: does she like me? There are many ways to know whether she likes you or not. This article has discussed some favorite and easy ways to determine if she likes you.

We hope you explore the suggestions provided and see if she likes you with the words she says to you and the way she behaves. And when you discover she doesn’t like you, it’s not the end; you can easily win her heart with your actions.

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