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How to Get a Girlfriend in One Week: 5 Foolproof Techniques


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Have you ever thought of how to get a girlfriend in one week? The possibility may look slim initially, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. There are different tactics you can use to know a woman. Likewise, there are tactics for getting a girlfriend fast if you want to.

For most guys, meeting the woman of their dreams could become a fairy tale as soon as they leave school. As a result, they suddenly lose ideas of where and how to find a girlfriend. If this describes your situation, you are not alone.

This article will not just reveal fascinating ways to find a girlfriend. But you will also learn five foolproof techniques to find the girl you like in one week. So, let’s get started.

How to Get a Girlfriend: Proven Techniques That Work

  • Dating apps

Dating apps like Tinder have helped many guys looking for how to get a girlfriend fast. Perhaps, these apps could help you too. Start by downloading popular dating apps that work in your country. Sign up, and fill up your profile with the kind of goodies you know she wants to see in her ideal man. Then, hit her up!

Strike a conversation with a girl you found in the app that meets your search preferences. Ensure you use the best conversation starters that are likely to get you a response fast.

See these Tinder conversation starters.

Research has shown that signing up on dating apps is the most effective way to connect with other singles looking for love online. Then, perhaps, you could find a girlfriend in a week.

  • Approach a girl in public

If you are looking for how to get a girlfriend, you may want to try this method. It may sound scary, but it works like magic for most guys. And it could help you get a girlfriend fast. Walking along the streets in your neighborhood or anywhere else, you will see people going about their daily activities. Look among them; chances are you may find someone that falls into the criteria of your “ideal girlfriend.”

In that case, you don’t have to be shy. Just walk up to her and strike a conversation. You could compliment her for her dress and hair or even offer to give her a ride. Most times, you will get a favorable response. But don’t expect every girl to respond kindly.

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You don’t have to feel bad if she throws abusive words at you in reply. Just move on!

  • Ask a friend

Most of your friends may have many female friends; chances are some could be single and searching for a boyfriend. Therefore, you could ask your friends to connect you to any girl they know is searching for a boyfriend.

This referral method is particularly effective when your friend knows the girl in question and is sure she isn’t in any relationship or marriage.

It’s normal for your friend to claim anonymity in the entire wooing process. This is to protect his interests and yours too. Therefore, ensure you respect his decision on the issue by not telling the girl a friend referred you.

  • Leverage social media

Social media platforms like Facebook could be a goldmine if you are searching for how to get a girlfriend in one week. You can make the most of it to connect with old friends or meet new ones. For example, there could be someone in your contact with whom you have lost connection and who might be a perfect fit for a girlfriend.

You could go to your “Friend’s List” on Facebook or search for her profile directly. As long as you know their name, it’s pretty easy to reconnect with her and take the friendship to another level.

  • Ask a girl for a date

You could outrightly ask a female friend you are fond of on a date. Since you already know her. All you might need to ask is if she would like to go out for dinner, take a walk in the garden or play tennis together?

But if she doesn’t respond or refuses to accept your offer, don’t push it. She might be in a relationship or have other reasons for rejecting your offer.

But if she accepts to go out with you, it’s a great opportunity to get to know her and see if she would make an ideal girlfriend. You could schedule two to three date nights within the week. And they should be enough to know her enough and ask her to be your girlfriend.

If you are still looking for how to get a girlfriend, there are many other ways to do it without hurting the feelings of anyone.

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Getting a girlfriend could be easier if you know the best places to find a girl you like and how to approach them?

Six Best Places to Find your Future Girlfriend and How to Approach Her

If you want to know how to find a girlfriend, you would be better off focusing on specific places rather than popular places like the gym or club. The only problem with these “common places” is that although you might find it easier to start a conversation with a stranger in such a setting, there is a high chance that the girl’s defenses might be up and tight in these places.

So rather than do what everyone else is doing and getting a refusal each time, it would be better if you focus on specific and not-too-popular places to find a girlfriend fast.

A Park

If you have a dog, it may be easier to find your ideal girlfriend just by taking your dog for a walk. Dog owners are usually compatible and easily connected. When you find a girl walking a dog, you could walk up to her and say, “your dog is so cute. I babysit my dog mostly in the evenings. My name is….”

If you don’t have a dog, you could also walk up to a girl and say hello to her dog.

A Museum

The museum could be a unique inspiration when thinking of how to get a girlfriend. So, it’s one of the best places to find a date or even the love of your life. It’s easy! You could say, “what do you think of this piece?” Then, you can introduce yourself after a few lines of conversation.

Finding the love of your life in a museum is mainly inspired by shared interests and trying to know what they love most about arts.

A Coffee Shop

If you are thinking of how to get a girlfriend and overlooking the local coffee store down the street, then you might be getting it wrong. Your local coffee shop could be one of the best places to find a girlfriend. Many girls are fond of bringing their assignments and other projects to a coffee shop due to the serene environment. So, chances are you could find the answer to how to get a girlfriend in the store.

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And when you find a girl you like, walk up to her and ask if you could sit with her. If she accepts, introduce yourself briefly, and you may also compliment her hairstyle or dress. This could make her feel at ease with you and present an opportunity to further the conversation.

A Grocery Store

A grocery store is not only meant for guys that can cook. But, even if you don’t know your way around the kitchen, you can get a girlfriend quickly in a grocery shop. So, when you see a woman you like and would like to date, you can walk up to her and strike a conversation.

The perfect timing is when she is examining a product before making a purchase decision. Then, you could walk up to her and say, “I saw that product before but was skeptical if it could make me eat healthily. Do you think it’s great for anyone trying to keep fit?”

Now you have relaxed her guard with that simple question that made you look like a lost puppy. She may advise you to portion it to get the most since you are on a diet. She could also suggest other tips for healthy cooking.

You could, after that, ask for her contact and take up the conversation from there. For most guys, this works like magic and helps them find a permanent solution to their quest of getting a girlfriend quickly.


A relationship may take different dimensions when it begins. Most times, the hard work is finding a girlfriend. If you are compatible, keeping her and remaining in the relationship could be like a breeze.

Have you ever wondered how to get a girlfriend in one week? This guide revealed some valuable tips and helpful advice for finding a woman you like and getting her to accept your first date. You also learned some of the best places to find a girl whose defenses are down.

Now that you know these things, you should find a girlfriend quickly.

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