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How To Date Older Women – 6 Tips


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It seems many men want a taste of older women and their experiences but not every cougar is seeking a fun relationship or sexual playmate. Many, due to their age, are on the search for a strong relationship, so if you are looking for one, make sure you know what she’s after. They will have limited patience for the mischief of youth.

Dating older women is exciting and you want to impress them but older women may have experiences or expectations that you’re not used to, so it’s understandable if you’re a bit nervous. Let’s say that you and your new or potential future partner have somewhat of an age gap. It’s reasonable, but it’s enough to make a difference.


Being with an older partner can be incredible. They might be more self-assured and have a greater idea of what they want in life. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about dating older women, from making a good impression to moving forward with a serious relationship. Keep reading for our complete guide on how to date older women.


How To Date Older Women

1. Be Prepared For Rude Questions

If you’re in a serious relationship with older women, especially if she’s significantly older, be prepared for lots of blunt questions from your friends and family. There are still a lot of stereotypes about relationships where the woman is older. You may want to prepare a couple of responses to family and friends that love to pry.


Be genuine and specific when you explain your reasons for being with her. And if they blast you with something insensitive, feel free to turn the tables. If this is a healthy, reciprocal relationship, explain how it has nothing to do with age and everything to do with how you feel about one another.


2. Be Mindful Of Their Time

This might not be the case but an age gap means that older women have more dating experience. They might’ve been married and divorced once or twice. From experience, they’ve got an idea of what they do and don’t like in relationships. Depending on the person, this could mean that they seek certain qualities in a partner. Regardless of age, it’s also true that different people will want different things and varying levels of commitment.

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With all of that in mind, don’t waste a person’s time, especially when dating older women. Be upfront and honest. Have a conversation about what you’re looking for, how you’d ideally like the partnership to progress, and so on. Make sure that you’re as honest with yourself as you are with them. If you want a fling and they don’t or vice versa, the best way to show respect for someone is to acknowledge it to yourself and have a candid, upfront conversation.


3. Be Confident

Show her that you’re secure and self-assured. Older women know who they are, and want a man who knows who he is too, no matter his age. Try to avoid saying negative things about yourself, especially around her. Instead, show confidence by highlighting the things that you like about yourself.


If you aren’t feeling confident, that’s okay. Using positive body language can help you exude confidence even if you don’t feel it. Even simple things like standing tall, making eye contact, and smiling can make a big difference.


4. Give Them The Space They Need

Most people become more established in their routines as they age. They start to learn about their needs, and even though we all need alone time, many of us start to feel more comfortable being alone with ourselves. It might be crucial to your partner. They might not want to text 24/7 or spend every moment of the day together. They may feel more independent and have a different idea of reassurance and commitment, quality may come over quantity.

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Not giving her the space she needs can have an opposite, detrimental effect especially when you are dating a single mum. She might feel like she can’t breathe half the time because you’re always there in front of her, whether in person, on the phone, or by text. Maybe, in past relationships, you had a partner who demanded your time and attention during all hours of the day.


When you check in with yourself, you’ll probably notice that a more balanced approach that allows you both to spend time on yourselves is healthier and might meet your needs better, too. This doesn’t mean that you should play hard to get by any means, and nor does it mean that you and your partner shouldn’t spend time together. Plan date nights and talk about your expectations. Communication is always key.


5. Be Able To Reassure Her

Older women initially feel self-conscious about the fact she’s older than you, especially if there’s a major age gap. All that cougar crap online, on TV, and elsewhere is lighting up in her brain. This is why it’s important to make sure you’re not with her simply for the novelty of it.


The worst thing you can do when dating older women is point out the age difference. Even if it is not intentional, mentioning the age difference can instantly put her off. If you’re serious about her, make an extra effort to let her know her age isn’t important to you. Tell her the characteristics you admire about her most and the specific reasons you’re attracted to her.

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6. Be Able To Show Off Your Independent Side

Maintaining friendships, interests, and goals is a sign of maturity. Make it clear that there’s a lot more going on in your life than just dating her. Continue spending time with your friends regularly so she knows friendships are important to you. Work toward your goals and share them with her so she knows you’re a complex and dynamic person.


For example, you might mention an upcoming hiking trip you’re planning with your friends. If you’re working on a passion project, tell her a little bit about it.



The thing is that, despite a vague idea, we all grow at different rates. Not only might we experience shifts in our thoughts at different times, but we might also have varying definitions when it comes to what it means to be mature. Being with older women can be incredible, they might be more self-assured, have a greater idea of what they want in life, and have more experience under their belt overall.


You’re attracted to your partner, and you know that you like their traits, some of which may very well be connected to their maturity level. This new relationship is exciting, but at the same time, if you’re dating someone older than you are, you might have some questions.


A relationship between older women and younger men can be just as fulfilling as any other relationship. As long as you’re both willing to commit to the relationship and put in the work, it’s possible to have a healthy and strong relationship regardless of the age difference.

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