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Online Dating – 5 Pros and Cons You Should Have in Mind


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To some people, online dating is fun, to others online dating is boring – whatever feelings you have about it is what you would get.

In online dating, there may be good experiences and bad experiences just like physical dating and it’s okay to be skeptical or scared about the other person.

Sometimes you can be ignored by that person that you think is a match for you, or you would receive an annoying message especially if it’s coming from the person you do not like – the person you like do not reciprocate.

With all of the happenings, you would hear or see people who often found true love using dating apps and you would be surprised how they do it.

There are so many dating apps you could fix yourself on, of course not all things will work for you, some will work, and some will not work.

However, the best dating app is the one that is best for you or the one you think would fit your standards.

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What is Online Dating?

Online dating or internet dating is the search for a partner via dating apps such as:







The league

Online dating apps keep a record of people who joins the sites and of course, some of the sites are based on subscription. When you see that person or the qualities he exudes catch your attention, you can send a message.

But one thing with Africans is, we assume that the man is supposed to make the first move or the first to send a message but any gender can send a request or send a message – as you come of age some things will not matter anymore.

The reason for online dating sites is, it allows you to go through profiles if you see someone that you like – you send a message.

However, if you want to be here, you would need to put up information about yourself via the app you choose – you either put your basic profiles and take it up from simple to details of yourself – you can also do what is called the ‘first date questions. Of course, we all have what works for us – do what works for you.

Online dating is a space for you to find a partner either short-term or long-term partner whichever one you want, you will find.

There are some people who like it simple, steady, and easy-going – your basic profile settings can tell them that.

I have heard some people who said, they found true love via online dating apps. Some people are still finding, some are about to find, some have found – whichever one you fall in, it is a good place.

There are pros and cons of online dating, let’s look at them one after the other.


5 Pros of Online Dating


  1. It Gives You an Edge

When it comes to online dating, you have control of yourself – you decide where you want to go, what you want to do, and how you want it with no quarrel.  If you start chatting up someone who you think maybe your match and later, you discovered the person is not what you wanted – you can quit immediately.

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And if you do not want the person to contact or chat with you anymore, you block them, and the ends. You can drop a conversation anytime while you are still finding the person you want a long or short-term relationship with.

This is one of the good reasons for online dating, you are in charge of what you do with no one to spy on you.


2. Speak with Different Persons

Being on online dating apps will give you the leverage to speak and chat with different people if you want to, All you need to do is to maintain your space appropriately. You can date different people and the significant other will not know except of course you tell them.

The reason to speak with different people is if the supposed partner that you are chatting with doesn’t meet the standard that you want, you quickly switch to the next meet who does.

The idea is to find the person who best will fit into your world or standard.

Date apps have no rule that you must be chatting with one person no – is as many as you want to till you find that special someone.

If you are chatting with different people offline, you can be caught in no time.


3. It is Easy to Start a Conversation

To some people who are shy to talk to the opposite, well online dating has got your back – and with the use of social media starting a conversation has never been easy.

Just like the way you make use of social media like Facebook, and Twitter, get the app, send a friend, and send a message detailed to start a conversation.

Online dating has made it so easy for you to start a conversation without being shy about how to start or how to end it – you can start anywhere you deem-fit and the person would reciprocate if the feeling is mutual.

It is simple to start talking online than in real life which will involve wanting to impress someone with your spoken English or dressing.

Online dating gives you a safe space to know the other person with the fear of ‘how do I impress s/he – would she like the way the speech will start, will the environment be conducive for us to have a good conversation will not be the order of the day.


4. It can be adjustable

The good thing about online dating is that you can use different dating apps to find your match either using your phone or laptop whichever one works for you is the right one. But sometimes or rather most times, phones are easily used because of the carriage everywhere you go – you respond to messages and calls.

Again, you are free to subscribe for premium packages and opt out when you want to, get to see some interesting features, find that special someone, and set your rules.


5. It is affordable

online Dating - it is affordable

The good thing about online dating is that it is very affordable. You can chat from wherever you are provided you are communicating.

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Whether you want a serious relationship or lifetime partners, there is a dating app for you at your own pace.

And of course, wanting to meet someone or to arrange for a specific location to spend extravagantly will not be necessary until you are sure of the person and have established your base.


5 Cons of Online Dating


  1. Easily Misunderstood

Misunderstanding is easy to occur because of the distance between the two parties. We all read meanings to things differently – any message you send has been sent, even when it wasn’t intentional which of course you have to explain the message to the other party to understand.

To explain such messages is not easy and of course, misunderstanding is bound to occur if is not adequately explained.

Sometimes you could make a joke just to have fun and the other party will take it seriously – thereby leading to misunderstanding. You will always explain yourself on any light mistake.


2. It takes so much Energy

Online Dating - it takes so much energy

Sometimes getting the results that you want on these dating apps can be energy-sapping. This app is not a sure way to get that match that you deserve – you can take longer to find that match which is discouraging.

Communication is very difficult to flow because of the fear of the unknown, everybody is scared of who is who, not wanting to disclose their identity, and not sure your conversation is safe with the other person.

You don’t want to wake up one morning just to realize that the person you have chatting with for years is not what s/he claims to be – the time, energy-wasting will not be a joke to you.

Things can go wrong anytime after all the energy and time put into wanting to know the other person.


3. Fear of the Unknown

As much as everyone is scared while on offline dating so is everyone scared of online dating as well.

Even the person you think that you know well might not be who s/he portrays to be.

The pretense these days cannot be overemphasized – everyone is pretending, claiming what they are not either online or offline.

Fear of the unknown is enough to drain you emotionally, physically, socially, and what have you.


4. It is difficult to Connect

Building chemistry is not easy in offline dating let alone online dating.

What brings people together is the physical meeting always – it creates and builds the bond between the two parties.

Online dating will not allow the two bonds and chemistry to flow because you rarely see each – the beauty of every relationship is to see each other when you want to, or when you need each, it breeds excitement.

Most men like physical appearance – that is what ignites the love they will have for you and online dating will not give you the tools to always see that person to be sure of what you want.


5. Lying is Easy

Just imagine who people lie on offline dating let alone online dating – the lie will be tripled when you barely see that person.

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The internet has made it easy to lie nowadays – not seeing someone regularly will give you a lot of advantages to lying.

If you do not see s/his location, you will not spy or monitor s/he movement – you can only know the one they will tell you or just maybe you could find out how to spot a lie from a partner.

They lie with their body shape, age, location, relationship status, job, complexion, and what have you.

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Benefits of the Online Apps

The good thing about online dating apps is this, each app has its own uniqueness – for you to meet the kind of partner you want such as:

Eharmony – this app is best for those who are dating to marry, and who want to meet their life partners.

OKCupid – This app is Best For those who are open to meeting new friends And Leftists.

Hinge – this is Best for the Serious young adult of the 20s.

EliteSingles – this is Best For Career-oriented partners, you want a career partner like you then here is an app for you.

Tinder – this is the Best Casual relationship.


How Safe is Online Dating?

It’s okay to be scared of going into a relationship either offline or online. The question should be, is the person what you want? How comfortable are you with that person?

However, online will give you the opportunity to try new ratings – casual friends to mutual friends and then to a bond that will last forever if you want. Of course in every rating, there must be checks and balances to be sure you are on the right box.

Everybody has what will work for them either offline or online – just discover what will work for you and roll.



Online dating is a space where many have found love to build a happy home, many are still finding love and many are yet to find love – this online site has come to stay.

This space gives you the opportunity to meet more than two people of the same relationship angle with good intent.

However, it is not easy to know the values, tingles, compatibilities, goals, dreams, and aspirations from just a non-physical interaction.

Whatever atmosphere you find yourself in, you should have self-care – protect yourself from scammers who pretend to be what they are not.

It may not really be easy to choose the right apps to get started in the community of dating, of course, you have to look into some things such as deciding on the right apps to use.

Online dating has to lead to a happy relationship to a happy home companionship to true friendship. Whatever you are looking for, be sure to be decisive and assertive about the kind of partner that you want.


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