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How to Deal with Rejection: 10 Proven Strategies That Work


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The pain of rejection could be so cruel that you may begin to wonder how to deal with rejection without hurting yourself. Imagine this scenario, the woman you love is a goddess. You can’t stop thinking about her. Her thoughts fill your mind when you lie on your bed to rest from the day’s activities. You are lost in her world, and you wish she would open the gates in her heart to let you in.

Finally, you summoned the courage to talk to her. Then, perhaps, she will see reasons with you and accept your love. You waited for the perfect time. You knew the clock was ticking fast, and once it hit the time, you would just let it out. And you did!

No! That’s probably the shortest word in the dictionary. It hit you like a bullet, and you wonder how to deal with the rejection.

What is Rejection?

Rejection could mean many things. But in this case, rejection describes a situation when someone you love and want to become romantically attached to refuses your offer. In reality, it’s common for men to face rejection from women because they usually woo women and talk them into a romantic relationship.

What Causes Rejection?

There are many reasons she said “no.” You might have practiced the best conversation lines before hitting her up with the question. But you still got rejected. Perhaps:

  • She is already in a romantic relationship with someone else
  • She doesn’t see reasons why she should date you
  • She doesn’t feel the same way for you
  • She doesn’t see a future with you
  • She thinks you might cheat on her sooner than expected
  • You have been friend-zoned
  • Your personality isn’t attractive enough
  • You didn’t use the right approach

Despite the reason, it is obvious you have to move on, which is the essence of this article. So read on to learn how to deal with rejection and become stronger.

How to Deal with Rejection Without Hurting Yourself

Before we plunge into the steps to facing rejection and conquering it, it could help if you knew what to do immediately if she refuses your offer. This could go a long way to help you cope and even forget that you were rejected.

How to Deal with Rejection: What to do Immediately

First, you must realize that no matter how you love her and want to be her man, she doesn’t owe you a “yes.” So, it would help if you didn’t act as if she owes you a relationship. When she refuses, smile at her immediately and say, “no worries.”

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You wouldn’t know if you didn’t ask her. The earlier you know, the better for your feelings. Try as much as you can to respect her decision, even though it is the hardest thing to do now. If she is someone you usually bump into each day, you may consider giving her some space if you feel uncomfortable staring at her after the rejection. Perhaps, when you heal, you will feel better in her presence once again.

How to Deal with Rejection: What to do Thereafter

The most straightforward answer to this is to move on. But that’s easier said than done. Suppose you still wonder how to deal with rejection after you get home. These suggestions might help.

  • Ask why you were rejected

How cope with rejection could be easier if you knew why you were rejected. This is not the perfect time to guess and conclude erroneously. Instead, you should reach out to her and ask her politely why she couldn’t accept your offer. Her reasons might surprise you.

But don’t be offended if she decides not to tell. Some women could be highly introverted that they would never share their reasons for rejecting your offer. If she decides to keep it a secret, be calm and respect her decision. But if she lets the cat out of the bag. Take her words seriously and learn from them, so you probably don’t get the same reasons from another woman next time.

  • Don’t take it personally

Women have different tastes and preferences. Perhaps, she doesn’t see a future with you, or something else made her reject you. But it’s weird to think that she has no choice but to accept to date you. Remember, there are plenty of other women you could fall in love with if you decide to respect her wish and let her be.

  • Work on yourself

This depends on the reasons she gave you. If it’s something, you could work on and improve yourself with, then go ahead. But, most times, when you work on yourself hard enough to ride those reasons, you might get a positive response the next time you pop the question to her. And that depends on the time it took you to erode it and if she hasn’t fallen in love with someone else.

  • Ask if you could be just friends
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Now that she has rejected your offer, what’s next? Do you plan to avoid her forever? It wouldn’t be nice to enlist her name on your “black book.” And hate her sight after that. So, to help you deal with rejection, you could ask that the both of you remain friends. And if you were strangers before, you could become friends.

  • Do something you enjoy

As much as you can, take your mind off it. Try not to remember that anyone rejected you. Instead, indulge in activities you enjoy and occupy your mind with other things that don’t trigger the thoughts of rejection.

When you become involved in other activities, you will easily let go of sad memories and refresh your mind with healthier thoughts.

  • Speak with someone you trust

It doesn’t hurt to speak with your mates or colleagues at work about your experience with the girl you love so much. Let them know how you feel. They could offer helpful advice on dealing with rejection and even decide to keep you company so you don’t feel lonely.

  • Pursue personal interests

This is the best way to keep yourself busy after a rejection. What have you ever thought of achieving that you had no time for? This is the best time to pursue your dream job or career. You could also pick up a brand new hobby or apply for a college study online.

Take some time to learn a new skill and develop yourself as you learn how to deal with rejection. Then, apply for a new job or plan a relocation. You will be surprised how relocation could help you quickly cope with rejection.

  • Ask her if her feelings have changed

Most men never think of this after they are rejected by a woman. If you have followed through with these steps, chances are there should already be some noticeable changes in you. And if these changes are visible enough for strangers to notice, then, chances are, she might have seen them too.

This is the perfect time to walk back to her and pop the question again (if it has been long since you were rejected). Or ask her if her thoughts have changed towards you (if the rejection was a recent event). She might reconsider her decision and answer in the affirmative this time. Congrats! You finally won her heart.

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But what if you got rejected again? Don’t panic. It could happen to anyone. Just pick up the pieces of your heart left and move on.

  • Move on

Finally, this is the last thing you need to do to practice how to deal with rejection. And it would be easier if you followed through with the steps outlined earlier. That way, it won’t be hard to figure out how to move on or live your best life after that.

Moving on doesn’t mean you must redirect your anger into finding someone else and unleashing them on her. Instead, it means learning how to deal with rejection, forgetting all that happened between you and your crush and not allowing the thought to pop its ugly head in your mind ever again.

See Your Rejection as an Opportunity to Prevent Another Heartbreak

Since you have learnt how to deal with rejection, this is the best time to remain single. Do not pressure yourself into finding another person so soon. Relax, you will find the one you love and who will be glad to return your affection by accepting to date you for who you are, and you both will enjoy happiness to its fullest.

Have you ever been rejected by someone you love? Perhaps you thought you would enjoy a romantic relationship together, but things went south when she said “no.” It’s not the end of the world. You could learn how to deal with rejection.

Final Thought

The suggestions in this article will not just help you cope with rejection but see the brighter side to the negative response. This will help you avoid a similar scenario when you eventually move on and fall in love with someone else.

So don’t grieve too much when she rejects you. Instead, see reasons with her and move on. Then, in the future, when you fall in love again, she might say YES.
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