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10 Signs He is Cheating


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Signs he is cheating could be hard to notice, especially when you have to rely on your instinct and personal judgement. The word “cheating” could scare anyone. Perhaps you have always dreaded that word and wonder how you would cope with a cheating partner. But now, you are faced with reality and a huge burden – the task of finding out if he is cheating.

Is my boyfriend cheating on me? This is a common question most women usually ask. Although many already know the answer, they hate that they do and want someone to assure them that it isn’t true.

It’s time you clear your doubts and discover whether he is cheating or not. This will let you know the remedial actions or whether you should call it to quit with him.

In this article, you will learn how to notice signs he is cheating and what you should do if you discover he is cheating. But before then, let’s see what it means to cheat on someone and why it hurts so much.

Signs He is Cheating: What is Cheating in a Relationship?

Entering into a committed relationship means expecting your partner to remain loyal to you for as long as the relationship exists. In this light, cheating could be described as having a romantic or sexual affair with someone else. Beyond sexual activities outside a relationship, cheating encompasses certain activities that one party engages themselves in the absence of the other party.

There is no clear-cut definition of “cheating” because it is subjective, and people define it in many ways. Secondly, most people see certain activities as cheating, while others see it as usual. For example, you may consider watching porn cheating while your boyfriend may see nothing wrong with it.

It’s essential to have an agreement at the onset of the relationship as to what you would term “cheating” aside from a romantic affair outside the relationship. So, what if you suspect he is cheating? How do you confirm your suspicion without hurting your feelings? Let’s find out!

Signs He is Cheating: How Do You Know if he is Cheating?

A cheating boyfriend usually leaves no traces to suspect whether he is cheating or not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find out. See the signs many women have observed that made them conclude he might be cheating.

  1. Mood swings

At one moment, he is happy and wants to spend the rest of the day with you and the next minute, he is angry for no reason and can’t stand your sight anymore. If you notice that he is battling mood swings like these, then it’s obvious he might be cheating on you.

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Most men seem confused when they cheat because they may not know how to face the fact that they need to share their time and attention with two or more women.

The mood swings may result from the confusion, and they may see you as the stumbling block preventing them from having the perfect time with their newly found love.

  1. He no longer talks to you as often

This is another sure sign that he is cheating. Is your boyfriend the kind of man that can’t go mute for an hour when he sits beside you, but right now, he no longer communicates with you like he used to? You should be observant. He is probably cheating with you already.

Do you notice that he would love to be alone and cuddle himself rather than be with you? If he now values his private time more than spending quality time with you, you have reasons to suspect he is cheating.

  1. He no longer takes you out

When was the last time he took you on a date? Probably months ago? Undoubtedly, you enjoy quality time outside with him. He takes you to clubhouses, dinner and other events. He sometimes gets angry because you didn’t show up on a date. But now, you notice he now attends events alone. He prefers to go to clubs with his friends than with you. The signs are there already. He may be cheating on you.

  1. His phone is now his best friend

This is another sign he is cheating. Perhaps, you noticed that he now stays glued to his phone for hours daily. And when he is sneaky about it, it’s another cause for concern.

Did you notice he is chatting with someone but doesn’t want you to know the person? Perhaps, his phone is now locked with a password, and he won’t even let you touch it. He is probably having an affair with another woman or secretly asking her out.

You don’t have to drag his phone with him or force him to unlock it so you can see who he is chatting with. You could employ dialogue and get him to unlock the phone by himself. And when he refuses, it will add to the facts you have gathered that he is cheating.

  1. He no longer says, “I love you.”
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You are probably used to hearing him say “I love you, baby” before he ends a call with you. Moreover, he never forgets to say “I love you” before leaving your presence after a date. But now, it seems the words have been erased from his memory.

He no longer remembers to say them, and even when you remind him by saying it first, he finds an excuse, and he wouldn’t want to say, “I love you too.”

This could be a great concern for most women, and if this describes your situation, the chances that he is cheating are high.

  1. He doesn’t pick up your calls or reply to messages

You may have reasons to suspect he is cheating if your boyfriend, who doesn’t miss your calls, suddenly starts giving excuses for not picking up or replying to your text. Perhaps, he has given you a timetable that you must follow for calls and texts, restricting you from calling or texting during certain hours of the day under the disguise that he is busy at work. These are signs he is cheating.

Such a sudden change in behavior is a cause for worry and mustn’t be seen as a “normal” thing, especially if he wasn’t like this.

  1. He is too busy for you

It could be difficult to know whether he is truly too busy or cheating on you and using “I’m busy” as an excuse. We all get busy most time, but that doesn’t prevent us from spending little quality time with the one we love.

You understand your boyfriend. You probably know his schedule, the time he closes from work and what he does with his time each day. However, if you were part of it all from the onset and he suddenly takes you out of the picture, claiming he is too busy to have time for you, he might be seeing another woman.

When he gives an excuse for not making time for you as before, it’s important not to conclude in haste. But if you think his activities changed, then you should be observant. By watching his activities closely, you can tell if he is cheating or busy as he claims.

  1. He wants to get a break from the relationship
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Few signs he is cheating are as sure as this one. If you aren’t doing things that choke him up or make him feel uncomfortable in the relationship, you have reasons to be suspicious when he says, “I need a break.”

What happened to the promises you made to each other? What about your long-term goals and the bond you both share? Will they go on a break too?

If he is not cheating, he should be seeing a future with you and talking about plans that depict he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. But when he begins to act like he needs a relationship break, then it’s obvious! He is cheating on you!!

  1. He makes excuses that aren’t real

You probably asked him for a favor, and he made some excuses that don’t add up. It’s one of the signs he is cheating. Some guys try to make excuses to cover their tracks while cheating, but most times, it doesn’t add up, and sooner or later, you might find out by:

  • The kind of excuse he makes.
  • The way he behaves when you visit him unannounced.
  • And how he reacted when you asked him a question he didn’t see coming.
  1. Your instinct doesn’t lie

Most times, the signs he is cheating are all wrapped in what your instinct tells you. According to some experts. Your instinct is the first you should listen to if you want to catch a cheating boyfriend. It begins with your gut feeling, then, as you search for answers: is my boyfriend cheating on me? Finally, you may begin to notice changes in his behavior and lifestyle that confirms your suspicion.

It’s hard to know if your boyfriend is cheating, but these signs could help you confirm your suspicion instead of jumping to a conclusion. And when you find out he is cheating, you have to decide whether he deserves a second chance. But, more importantly, you must know when to learn to go if you don’t want to risk your heart loving him.

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