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10 Qualities of a Good Man


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Certain qualities of a good man could make you hit the relationship jackpot faster and enjoy every bit of it. In the United States, reports had it that women far outnumber men. Generally, this is the scenario in many other countries in the world.

So, if you want to find love again or go into a relationship, you must compete with several other women for a good man. And we aren’t going to give you false hope. But unfortunately, you will probably encounter several toxic men until you find the “right guy.”

If you are looking for a long-term relationship that may lead to the alter, you should consider your choice of a man. But the question is, what do you want in a man? Do you know how to identify these traits when you see them in a man?

The article will unravel this puzzle and help you make informed decisions when you see the perfect qualities of a good man.

What Do You Want in a Man?

You could be playing a hit or miss game if you don’t know what you want in a man, but aside from that, you “want a good man.” With something as significant as dating or marriage, it’s good you avoid guessing and have specific traits you desire in a man.

The qualities of a good man vary by tastes and preferences. Ethnicity or race could also affect what qualities you think your ideal man should have.

For example, in Africa, shared religious beliefs ranked highest among the traits many women possibly want in a man. Nevertheless, figuring them out is not as important as resolving never to compromise on things that matter to you. So, assuming you already know what you want in a man, let’s explore some qualities of a good man you shouldn’t miss.

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What Are the Qualities of a Good Man?

These traits aren’t all there are to qualities of a good man. But they could give you a heads up, so you know what to watch out for in a man.

  1. A good man doesn’t keep secrets that shouldn’t be kept?

Everyone has secrets. But some secrets aren’t worth keeping if you want to remain in love after falling into it. Your ideal man must be able to keep his ego aside and discuss issues that affect him with you. Is he comfortable having conversations about his weakness, thoughts, and feelings? That’s one of the qualities of a good man.

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Secondly, a man who is into you will not withhold important information from you. One of the first signs of danger is a man who has difficulty opening up and letting you know the kind of man he is at the core.

  1. He is emotionally available

Undoubtedly, you don’t need someone that will go on a relationship break when you need them most, do you? In that case, you should desire a man who is emotionally stable and available to shower you with the level of love and affection you need from a man. This is one of the qualities of a good man.

If he shows mood swings or goes from hot to cold suddenly, it’s a sign of unavailability. You are only at the top of his attention list for a while. And after some time, he might shift his attention to someone else.

  1. Respectful

If you are planning for a long-term relationship while searching for the qualities of a good man, disrespect shouldn’t be part of the equation. Aside from the fact that it spells doom for a relationship, it might worsen soon after it starts.

A good man shouldn’t just respect you indoors but also in the presence of others, especially in social gatherings and meetings. One of the best ways to know whether he is good for you is watching how he treats strangers and others around him.

If he shows so much hate and disrespect for other people, you might fall into that category someday.

  1. High commitment mindset

This should be on your to-do list if you are searching for the qualities of a good man. One of the best ways to check his commitment level is to research his past. Does he have a track record of short-term relationships? Does he cancels the date late or have problems keeping to his promises?

Most times, most men who are commitment phobic can’t hide it enough. They go all the way to show you they can’t keep to their words, even on the first date. That’s not all!! They fail to plan ahead of time and are usually “short-sighted” because they hardly foresee a problem until it strikes them on the head. Sadly, they might not change unless they have plans to become a better boyfriend by working on their mindset.

  1. Emotional intelligence
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This is one of the qualities of a good man, and it’s also a game changer for any woman who can find such a trait in a man. Emotional intelligence in a man is his ability to understand, perceive, and manage negative emotions positively.

One of the good qualities of a good man isn’t necessarily a doctorate. But emotional intelligence is a highly sought-after quality in a relationship. A man who understands himself and knows how to control his emotions to foster positive relationships is a rare gem.

  1. Sense of humor

We aren’t saying your man must be a comedian. But what is the sense of a committed relationship if he doesn’t get your jokes? In addition, a sense of humor may help lighten the mood and ease stress during tough times, which occur inevitably throughout different stages of life.

A man with a sense of humor may find it easier to counteract negative emotions, making life easier for both of you in the long run. Not just that, he will find it easier to forgive when you apologize after making mistakes and even find ways to lighten the tensed mood by telling jokes.

  1. Shows maturity

Does he still act like a kid even when he reached adulthood more than a decade ago? Maturity in a man comes in different phases. At some point in his life, his juvenile antics need to end so he can focus on more important things and make plans that could affect his future.

A man who cannot make rational decisions without consulting his parents is not ready for anything serious. Therefore, maturity is one of the signs you mustn’t ignore as you search for the qualities of a good man.

  1. Sense of responsibility

Have you studied his spending habits? Does he try to micromanage by avoiding essential responsibilities at the expense of his health or safety? Aside from that, your ideal man should understand that he is responsible for his actions and takes responsibility when necessary.

If he promises and fails at the drop of a hat, he might have issues fulfilling his responsibilities. No doubt, this might affect the health of the relationship if you should go ahead to date him.

  1. Treat others nicely
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As you try to find the qualities of a good man, ensure you observe how he treats his family members, colleagues and other people. This will help you make a rational decision about his future disposition towards you.

Note that there is a difference between treating others nicely and flirting. A man who flirts around other women pretending to be nice to them, may have problems committing to a relationship. On the other hand, you don’t want a man that flirts or keep secret relationships with other women, do you?

Nevertheless, a good man must genuinely show empathy and kindness without expecting anything in return. This is one of the qualities of a good man.

  1. Anger management

It’s easy to overlook how your man reacts when he is angry at the beginning of the relationship. Unfortunately, many women make this mistake when they are deeply in love with the man and may not want to do anything that could jeopardize the continuity of the relationship.

However, it would help if you observed how he manages his anger whenever he is annoyed. Does he destroy anything that comes his way and even attempt to hit you? If he nurses his anger for many days or weeks after you offend him, you may have to sit and talk things out unless you are ready to deal with his anger issues. But if not, you mustn’t be silent, especially if anger management is one of the qualities of a good man you cherish most.

Final Thought

Many women want to be treated like a queen when in a relationship but may not know how to find a man that could appreciate them to that extent. Fortunately, this guide has unraveled the mystery by revealing some qualities of a good man.

Out of the 10 we listed, if you find 8 qualities in a man, don’t let him go. He is a rare gem.


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