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Best Places to Propose – 20 Best Places She would Say Yes to You


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Looking for the best places to propose has never been easy. This is the means to ignite the love you have for her, to make her know that she is the special one. As such, how would you know where she wants to be asked, will you marry me? Will she like it public or private?

However, choosing a decent location where she would love to say yes to marry you in a relationship comes with so much agitation. You want her to have her kind of marriage proposal she has wished for.

You could make the best spot to propose nice, simple, smooth, remarkable, and yet affordable. But the first step is to ensure that you and your partner are prepared financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually. And then decide where, how, and when you want to pop the question.

When it comes to deciding on her choice of the location she would like to say yes. There are lots of places, however, it depends on what she wants. Maybe you’ve eavesdropped on her telling her friends, or you have asked her indirectly about the kind of proposal she wants – some people like it private while some likes it public.


How to make Her Say Yes

Get this question clear from her before you pop this question to avoid emotional trauma; does she love me enough? What kind of place would she like to be proposed to? Would she like it private or public?

The reason to ask her this kind of question is to avoid being disappointed on that day. Whatever you decide or choose, know that a good area to propose is the place that catches or tells about your lovey-dovey relationship. The idea of looking for all of these peaceful and quiet areas to propose to her is to create beautiful memories in the future.

But then choosing a place is something to be planned, which of course would depend on the partner’s disposition. For some partners who just want it on a low, just the two of them in a room or on a date, these 20 best places I would list will give an insight into what you want.

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20 Best Places to Propose


1. At the beach

20 best places to propose - beach proposal

Beach is one of the best places to propose because of its waterfronts with a touch of romance as it portrays. You could either make it private or public if you decide, but the idea will be to leave a beach memory for the future. With the waters flowing to some peace and quiet move, to the natural creatures dazzling within all for fun.

Think: Beach proposal goes by putting up a Picnic on the Beach, taking a boat trip, putting a Message in a vase, writing your message in the sand, and popping the question right the way.

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2. Airplane Announcement

20 best places to propose Air plane Announcement

Ever seen a plane proposal so romantic; consider booking the 1st class.

Think:  While you are on the flight, you could make use of the loudspeaker, or you incorporate the air host/hostess, Wait for the exact time, the ring should be in your pocket, reflect all your feelings, prepare before the vendors, the proposal, and then you celebrate.


3. At home

20 Best places to Propose - at home proposal

Home is one of the fairest habitats to propose for partners who want a private abode to propose, to build a special bond between them. Home proposals could be low-key (just the two of you), or high-key (inviting friends and family to witness your happy moment).

Think: Decorate your space, get a Photoshoot, invite your loved ones if you want, cook a delicious meal, put up a cake, then the trick, the proposal, and celebration.


4. At a Hotel

20 best places to propose at a hotel

Hotel proposal is one of the well-known lodgings with serenity to propose to a loved one and the feeling is epic and romantic.

Think: decorate the space you want to use, ground balloon roll, photoshoot, cakes, invitees if any, the question, and celebrations.


5. Online Proposal Ideas

20 best places to propose online

This could be more like a private proposal done via Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or webcomic, using memes, use of a trick, games, guess, and anything to make it worthwhile.

Think: you could send it across in a wrap of flowers, a teddy bear, a necklace, wrest watch and then call her to open it while you pop the question along with champagne during the call.


6.  Restaurant

20 best places to propose in a restaurant

Restaurant proposal is one of the popular – if you are looking for a good sitting out just the two of you.

Think: choose a restaurant that is special to your love story, book the restaurant ahead, pick when you want to propose, get a photoshoot, order a cake, get some cheers up, ask, and then celebrate.


7. Movie Scene

20 best places to propose in a movie scene

A movie scene proposal is no doubt one of the best scenes to ask her to marry you. This can be so romantic and epic to a two lovey-dovey with a touch of drama scene.

Think: Start at the ending of the movie, choose a line, hold a flower, pretend to be acting up and then pop the questions.


8. Birthday party

20 best places to propose - Birthday party

Here is another surprising engagement party you could put up for her. This is one of the best birthday gifts she would cherish and be remarkable for your love story.

Think: get a good friend of hers to organize a surprise party or tell her to organize it unknowingly, get a cake, decorate the space, get a professional photographer, invite her, give a speech and pop the question, and celebrate.

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9. On a Sleigh Ride

20 best places to propose - Sleighing ride

A sleigh ride is one of the fun ride time to propose to her, however, this goes well, if you live close to where you could see the ride as an adventure and turn it into a proposal.


10. Music Festival

20 best places to propose - music festival

Music is life and some use these concerts as an avenue to mark their love story.

Think: If you and your partner love live music festivals, plan a proposal during the performance of a special song by your favorite artist. Bonus points, if you can get a shout-out from the artist during the show as a means to pop the question.


11. The Bahamas

20 best places to propose - Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the beautiful cities to relax with her, especially for the celebs. But then anyone can be proposed to in the Bahamas if you have the money. The Bahamas has some luxurious places, perfect atmospheric weather conditions, with Caribbean feelings to spice up your proposal.

Think: organize a picnic, hire a private dinner on Airbnb, and propose to her.


12. New York

20 best places to propose - New YorkNew York City is one of the best cities in the world from Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and Times Square with different resorts to be inspired. New York City has some stunning restaurants, rooftops, and waterfront locations.

Think: put up a private picnic, hire a private dinner at Airbnb, hire a boat to cruise on the water, bloom a private space for the restaurant, propose on the desert and then celebrate.


13. Sydney

20 best places to propose - Sydney

Sydney is one of the best places to propose to her. Sydney has a vital thing for a beautiful life with a touch of beach vibes from Bondi Beach, Sydney Opera house, or Harbour bridge. Sydney has different proposal options to select, all you need to do is find your spec.


14. Edinburgh

20 Bes places to propose - Edinburgh

This is the capital city of Scotland that she would love. It is in with a dramatic rocky landscape to make it beautiful for your love story to be a gorgeous one. Booking a space in Edinburgh city, a festival city, will be an unforgettable experience for two love birds.

15. Las Vegas

20 best places to propose -Las Vegas

Ever heard of Las Vegas, the city of the beautiful high-standard hotels and thrilling strips created for beautiful memories? This is one of the best-renowned resort cities known for its beautiful dining, entertainment, and nightfall – a great location for partying.

Think: plan an in-room luxury suit with everything put orderly.


16. Santorini, Greece


20 Best places to propose Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a round rare, traditional root, with a breathtaking outlook to every corner bursting with a unique flavor. It gives lots of romantic settings with natural landscapes to enjoy. Santorini is a good picture perfect to reminisce on a love story forever.

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Think: book a private Airbnb balcony, get drinks, put up a picnic, get some drinks, and propose then celebrate.


16. Paris

20 best places to propose -Paris

Paris is well-known among the beautiful city – this is the reason it is called the ‘city of love. Such a beautiful, attractive, sophisticated, peaceful environment to behold – for an intending couple to make the beginning of their love story a remarkable one.

And here are some of the beautiful places to ask her to marry you in Paris: under the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower at night. The Medici Fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens. The Rooftop of the Terrace Hotel. Place des Vosges. The Ferris Wheel at the Place de la Concorde. The Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. The Louvre Pyramid and The Shakespeare & C, etc.


18. Venice, Italy

20 Best places to Propose - Venice

Another aesthetic beautiful to be is in Venice, Italy. A romantic setting with a touch of class to mark your love story and keep it memorable forever.

Think: on board a gondola, during the intermission of the Opera, In the evening at St Mark’s Square, on one of Venice’s bridges, during a really lovely meal, on a beautiful view, in the seclusion of your hotel.


19. Queenstown, New Zealand

20 Best places to Propose - Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is one of the most exciting places in New Zealand – where you and your love could be. It is surrounded by towering mountains that are set on the edge of the lake. Queenstown is one of the best places she would love to be asked will you marry me? in essence, it is the center of adventure, thrumming with adrenaline with all insight of pleasure, and relaxation to behold.

Think: You could use Onsen Hot Pools, Wine-tasting at Kinross Winery, and the Remarkables lookout to spice up your proposal.


20.   Svalbard, Norway

20 Best places to Propose - Svalbard

While there are lots of different places to ask your significant other to marry you, Svalbard has got some interesting places like Aurora Borealis, and of course, there is nothing that could be compared to the charm of Norway.

Think: at Svalbard you could pop the question to your loved one under lit of the Sky.




Not every relationship will be led to a marriage proposal. But if it leads to a marriage proposal then it’s the best of a love story that would last forever. The best place to propose is a place that is suitable, beautiful, and attractive for the two love birds. Spending the rest of your life with your significant other is the best thing to happen to you.


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