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10 Texts to Get Him Chasing You


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Texts to get him chasing you could help you take charge of your emotions and get attracted to any man you are crushing on. Perhaps, you are tired of sitting and waiting for him to notice you. You want to be in control and lure him into a date instead of waiting for luck to smile at you.

Do you know you could use some texts to get him chasing you and grab his attention like you own it? You know you like him but don’t know how to get him to notice you. There are many ways to command a man’s attention, and sending flirty text messages is one of them.

It’s a fun, low-maintenance and carefree way to tell a man you like that you are interested in dating him. But, of course, these texts mean no harm other than making a guy more interested in you.

So, do you want to get him to chase you like you mean the world to him? Discover the secrets many women use to attract any man they want. It’s all hidden in specific types of text messages. But before we discover these texts, let’s see if it’s possible to use texts to get him chasing you.

Can You Use Texts to Get Him Chasing You?

If you meet a guy you like, how do you tell him you are interested in him or get him to like you too? This is a puzzle for many women. Most do not know if they should text first or wait for the guy to notice them and start texting.

Even if you feel like texting first, you might wonder what texts will get him chasing you? What types of texts should you avoid, and what time of the day should you send a specific text?

All of these could be a mystery but not anymore. This post will help you to finally stop wondering what to do next when you like a guy you just met.

Texts to Get Him Chasing You

  1. You won’t believe what I dreamt about last night.

This simple yet powerful text could throw him into a state of guessing and a world of imagination. You could decide to make a drama out of this by leaving him to wonder, and this could make the whole thing more interesting. This kind of text could make you more irresistible and get him thinking about you all day.

  1. I know you are at work. But I just want you to know someone is here thinking about you.
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This is one of the sweetest texts to get him chasing you. The messages demonstrate many things in simple words. First, it tells him you know he is at work and doesn’t expect lengthy communication with him at the moment.

Secondly, it tells him how much you want and cares for him. It could also give him a clue that you are the mature and understanding type. And this could make him want to chase you for life and find a space in your heart.

  1. I’m trying to figure out my weekend plans. Do you have any idea?

This is one of the texts to get him chasing you, giving him an automatic ticket into your life. It’s an invitation for him to help you plan and build together. It also sends a signal that you are single and available for him.

If he is attracted to you, this simple text could make him ask you for a date outrightly. Most men are waiting for messages like this from a woman to confirm that they are both good to go.

  1. I just did something I shouldn’t have done.

This message could make him begin to imagine many things. He might even start to think naughty and imagine you in bed with another man. It’s all for fun. So, allow him to explore his imagination.

For example, you could be watching an interesting movie and text him saying, “I just watched something I shouldn’t have watched.” The bottom line is to make him feel you have done a taboo.

He will begin to imagine what you are up to, which could make him think about you all day.

  1. You looked too hot for me on that red suit yesterday.

This is one of the perfect texts to get him chasing you when you have probably enjoyed your first date together. It’s a simple yet romantic way of complimenting his dress sense. It also shows you care about his look and love praising him whenever he looks good. So many men would gladly chase after a woman that makes them feel masculine, sexy and romantic.

  1. There is one thing I like about you. But I probably shouldn’t be telling you this.
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This great way to combine a “taboo” text with a complimentary tone. This message hit the nail on the head by letting him know you are interested in him. When he reads this text message, he would probably smile and develop an interest in you.

So, don’t be surprised when he makes moves that indicate he is interested in you or wants to know you more than being friends.

  1. Sorry, I can’t make it tomorrow. I don’t want to be yours just yet.

If you just met him and you like him, he immediately asks you out for a date. You can make him chase after you a little longer without falling in love immediately. For example, you could say something like, “sorry, I can’t make it tonight. I guess you will have to daydream about me a little.”

This text message is the bomb because most men are unpredictable. If you accept his offer easily, he might eventually stop chasing after you after the first date. So, why not let him long for you and wish you were by his side?

It’s also a romantic way to show that you value your time. And when he eventually gets your attention, he may find it difficult to leave you.

  1. The autocorrect on my phone keeps changing your name to “hot.” I don’t know why!

In this message, you indirectly tell him he is handsome and hot. Most guys get the message immediately. While some might take some time to decode the puzzle. No doubt, he will appreciate your sense of humor and want to reciprocate your gesture. This could make him begin to ask questions that show he is catching feelings already.

  1. Tell me your wish. For me, I wish I could remain in your arms all day long.

You are offering to be his little magical genie. You aren’t promising him that you could make his wishes come true but encouraging him to express himself romantically.

This could lure him into revealing those hidden fantasies to make you ponder over them. And while doing this, he is pondering over yours too subconsciously.

  1. This is all your fault! My mind has been pondering over naughty thoughts all-day.

This is one of the texts to get him chasing you as it lets the cat out of the bag. It also demonstrates that you have been thinking about him all day, and it could intrigue him to the extent that he would start chasing you.

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He will look forward to your next date with him and hopes you will make those naughty thoughts of yours come true.

What to Consider Before Sending Him Texts to Get Him Chasing You

Although different in many ways, men and women usually have the same preferences when it comes to texting. If you are crushing on a guy or met someone you like and want to become romantically attached to, romantic texts to get him chasing you could do the magic.

These texts may work faster if you consider some factors before sending them to him. They include:


What time of the day do you think he will be in the best mood to read your text and go ahead to chase you as you planned? Indeed, when he is rushing to work isn’t a good time.

Is He Actually into You?

It’s best to check if he is into you. He might not find you romantically attractive if you are business partners or neighbors. You must ensure the coast is clear enough for your text message to give you the kind of results you crave.

Is He Single?

Do you know him too well enough to determine his relationship status? For example, if he is romantically engaged to someone else, you might have difficulty getting him to chase you through text messages.

This is not to say that it’s not possible. But most men who are engaged with another woman might have to detach themselves from their partner before chasing after you.

Final Thought

These 10 texts could get him chasing you and be all you need to get him obsessed over you, too. So, make the most of them when next you want to make a guy chase you like a diamond.

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