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Break Up – 10 Habits That Could Result to a Jilt in Relationship


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To some, break up in a relationship can leave you feeling it is the end of the world, while some or most people get through it in no time. Break up can lead to depression, anxiety, frustration, and mental health disorder that can tamper with your daily life if not every day.

Break up being mutual does not mean it will be an easy feeling for you, but with time, the break up will be worth you would appreciate for taking such a bold step.

Romance in a relationship should not only be on valentine’s day or birthday, but it should be the days the two parties want to engage in it. A healthy, peaceful, friendly, supportive, and happy relationship is one of the things in a relationship that makes it worthwhile. But know that a good relationship doesn’t fall from heaven but is built by both partners.

When you want to go into a new relationship, keep away from bottled feelings, learn not to be at the receiving end always, let go of past baggage with your ex, etc.

When you hear a relationship break up between two love birds you would be wondering how it happens and then what comes to mind would be cheating, lack of communication, no commitment, falling out of love, insecurity, materialism, etc. In relationships, a lot of things could be leveled to break up but I would be listing 10 important habits that could result in break up. Stay read.


10 Habits That Could Result in a Break Up


1. Lack of communication

Lack of communication in a relationship is one of the causes of a break up. If there is no clear communication, that means the love between each other will start diminishing.

Sometimes you would see some partners who are in a relationship but cannot sit to have a heart-to-heart talk with each other – then they expect each other to know what bothers them. This can leads to a break up.

Your partner is a human being like you and as such even if he understands you but not on a regular for you to ignore them in a relationship. Once there is a lack of communication or communication reduces from 10% to 5% then a break up is about to set in. With no communication and a mutual understanding, it becomes toxic to stand with each other.

As a human, you sure would need to talk to your partner and if s/he you always go to talk everything and anything with no longer give you a listening ear it becomes a challenge which sometimes led to a break up.

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2. Out of Love

You see two love birds who are in a relationship that is going all rosy, peaceful, lovey-dovey – all of a sudden s/he is no longer in love is a thing that is yet to be fathomed.

You might just realize that your partner no longer has respect for you, and doesn’t care about you like they once did. When care, attention, and love no longer co-exist between you then the end is usually a breakup. For your mental health to not be jeopardized, the early you read the red flag, the better.


3. Lack of Trust/Insecurity

Here is another aspect that could lead to a break up in a relationship ‘lack of trust’.

Trust can be built and earned but once broken the cracks can linger for years if not forever. Lack of trust breeds insecurity in a relationship especially when you cannot help but be suspicious of every move s/he takes.

When you see your partner with the opposite sex which could be a colleague or sister then it’s all cheating for you. No one likes to be accused unnecessarily even when the person trusts you but you can’t get to trust back; this sometimes led to a jilt in a relationship.

She dresses to go out and you complain about how revealing her dress is even when it’s not but you admire other females in such dresses. Or the phone rings and then you suspect every calls s/he takes, and before you know it the other partner is fed up and wants a jilt.

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4. Lack of Physical Intimacy

Lack of physical intimacy in a relationship is another aspect that could result in a breakup. Intimacy plays an important role in terms of relationships which is why lack of cheating leads to a break up.

When your partner no longer feels like having intimacy with you; she gives excuses just to waive off intimacy just know that something is fishy. Such excuses are usually, I’m tired, I’m not in the mood, this and that just to push you away is an unhealthy sign. Intimacy brings bonding to you and your partners and lack of it ends in a breakup.



5. Cheating

Break Up - Cheating

Cheating is one of the ways that lead to a break up and of course, no one would want to be with a cheating partner I mean no one.

When a partner cheats, no matter the level of love you have for him that hurt will always be there. Although some women could get through with a cheating partner and still stays with a man, on the other, it is not easy to see a man who could stay with a woman (like they can’t stand it).

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A lot of things could lead to cheating such as lack of intimacy, emotional trauma, falling out of love, and financial crisis. Cheating happens when there is a strong emotional bonding to the opposite sex which may lead to something else.

It is good to maintain mutual respect when it comes to building a good relationship rather than being insecure in your relationship. Cheating is not a good space for anyone in a relationship because it leads to a break up in a relationship.


6. Fighting with his family

It is no longer new on how especially the ladies do not go along with their partners family which sometimes if not most times leads to a pathways in a relationship. As simple as it sounds if you love someone you should also love the one who gave birth to s/he.

Being hated by his parents sometimes led to depression, fighting, trauma, hostility, and other negative ways. In as much as we are all human with different characters, try to let go of certain flaws if you can. But you can decide to leave the relationship for your mental health. Fighting with his family is not what you should embark on or want to do because the end is usually a break up.


7. Comparison

Ever wondered why some people do not like it when their partner’s Comparison in a relationship? The truth is no one likes to be compared especially negatively. Yes, you want h/she to be that person you want to have, to be this kind of a person, to be that kind of a person.

Comparison is not always that easy that is why it sometimes leads to a jilt in a relationship. If you meet someone and you don’t like some certain thing you could just quit, you can’t start what you can’t finish. Either you let go to avoid breakup in the future or you learn to manage their flaws.

Let go of your ex and stop comparing a new partner with a person from the past. This could lead to unrealistic expectations.


8. Lies

Lies have always been a thing that most people disdain in dating. the thing is if you can lie once, you can lie always. Just imagined that you find out that your partner lied to you. Lies have a strong effect whether it is a white lie or one told to someone. Lies could lead to a breakup because if you cover up a small lie, you could lie to cover up a big lie.

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9. Possessive

Possessive have not played a good role in courtship. If you have a possessive partner, whether overly or normal, it would not be a peaceful relationship because you would end up chasing your partner away.

A possessive partner wouldn’t want to see anyone around him or her and would suspect anyone who comes around her thereby making it difficult for the other party to be comfortable which could result in a break up.


10. Unsupportive Partner

The reason to be in a relationship is to be supportive of your partner. An unsupportive partner is one of the habits that could lead to not wanting to have anything to do with such partners. Having a partner who cannot support what you do is not who you would want to be. Being supportive is not just about the monetary aspect rather it could be your encouragement, your appreciation, your opinions, etc.

When you have a partner who cannot support you which is one of the reasons for building a relationship, of course, you would break up to be with someone else who could be what the other person couldn’t be. An unsupportive partner is a no-no to many people because what is the point of keeping such a relationship if not to support each other.



The reality of this break up is when you are unable to reconcile with that person who once means the world to you; your lovey-dovey.

Sometimes or rather most times we ask why people break up?  But the thing is partners break up for so many reasons that would even surprise you such as nagging, lies, comparison, falling out of love, materialism, etc.

The common ones are lack of communication, different life expectations, family background, lack of emotional intimacy, etc.

But then, a healthy relationship makes you be at peace, loved, mutual respect refreshed, etc. It is too hot out there for someone to come and add to the hotness instead of your peace of mind. And of course, whatever that will not give you peace of mind should be avoided for your mental health.


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