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A Clingy Partner – 10 Glaring Signs of a Clingy Partner


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A clingy partner has never been this good in a relationship – but some people love to be around them because of the overly love and care they enjoy.

Is a good thing to be in a decent relationship that gives you peace of mind, makes you feel at home, and your life is saved with that person – nothing beats that feeling.

However, being with a gummy boyfriend in a relationship can be emotionally draining sometimes if not most time. But the question is; how do you know that your boyfriend is needy?

How can you help s/he to overcome it? This thing ‘clingy partner’ can be a good one and a bad one – some would say being needy shows that your partner loves you, but not being needy shows that your partner does not love you – different perception for different folks.

But whatever your notion about a stick-around boyfriend is, is what it is. A needy significant other knows how to change feelings towards s/he partner with no personal space.

A stick-around spouse may not even be aware that s/he is needy- to them, it is the way they expressed love. There are partners who complain about how their significant other follows them to the market, to the salon, to the supermarket, like they basically go everywhere together.

There are some partners who do not have a such stick-around boyfriends and wish to have one.

If you have a needy spouse and you are not comfortable with s/he the right thing to do is to have a deep conversation and talk things through.

You don’t have to assume that your partner should know when the boundaries are crossed I mean what is a relationship without communication?


Who is a clingy partner?

‘Clingy’ is said to be someone who is connected and leans to a person emotionally, mentally, and socially.

A stick-around person doesn’t show respect to a clear boundary nor does s/he understand what space means.

A gummy person can be overbearing, and not give you the space that you want to do some personal task.

A needy boyfriend can love you so much and not give you space because s/he thinks that is how love should be expressed.

A stick-around can be demanding and controlling – s/he wants to know your every move.

A stick-around boyfriend is ready to share all of his or her plans with you just to keep you around.

A needy boyfriend will always need reassurance from their partner in a compulsive manner.

Does your partner show all of these signs of clinginess toward you?

Do you want to learn how to identify the 10 glaring signs of a clingy partner? Well, this article is for you, stay read.


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10 Glaring Signs of a Clingy Partner that you should know


  1. They move around with you

A clingy partner - they move around with you

A stick-around boyfriend will always want to move around with you – because letting you go off to do your thing will be a turn-off for him.

They are too needy to always want to be around their significant other – letting them go alone is like you want to leave them forever.

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A needy spouse will not let you hang out with your friends – there will always be this fear that no, it might not be a female friend but something fishy.

Of course, there’s a difference between a bae being your best friend and a stick-around partner – a bestie would trust you about where you want to go but a clingy partner would want to go with you.


2. He is a Jealous Lover

An overly attached partner will always have this fear of being displaced by a rival – s/he will not want to hear you appraising another person.

An overly attached boyfriend easily gets paranoid whenever they see the opposite sex around you even when it is with good intentions – which sometimes would sabotage your relationship.

They would keep you away from friends and family – fear of telling you what to do, maybe from their observation about the kind of partner s/she is.

Jealousy in a relationship is not healthy and can affect the jealousee and the jealouser.


3. Having a Low Self-esteem

This happens when your partner does not have confidence in herself/himself – they do not feel complete, and you feel bad about yourself, what you cannot do, and what you expect from your significant other.

This low self-esteem sometimes if not most times gives rise to insecurities to oneself. This will lead you to be overly loving to your partner and forget to love yourself first.

A needy spouse with low self-esteem will not see the red flags of the significant other until they have been healed from the low self-esteem.


4. Sneaking through your Social Media

A clinging spouse will always want to sneak through your social media handles – just to know how many likes, comments, and who messages you, puts a notification for all updates.

A needy spouse will always want to make sure that s/he is being posted on the social media handle – no one else should be posted on your timeline aside from s/he.

An overly attached boyfriend thinks your social life should only revolve around s/he – although checking on your partner’s social media handle is not wrong but excess of it become an addiction which is wrong.

A needy spouse would go as far as chatting up your friends on social media – maybe a friend who comments positively on your pictures to know the relationship between you two (2).

Sometimes if not most time, such a spouse would want to spy on your ex – to know if there is something happening behind him.


5. They Question who you go out with

A partner who sticks to you will not let you go out without them – they want to know who you are with, and what you are doing at every point in time.

As long as a sticky spouse is concerned your plans are theirs and they are the plans – anything aside from this will bring misunderstanding in your relationship.

A gummy boyfriend will not want you to have a friendship aside from your relationship.

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6. There is an Endless Assurance

Everyone wants reassurance in a relationship but when this assurance becomes out of the league it is a challenge.

This constant validation can be a result of a lack of trust and lack of self-love – if you love yourself you wouldn’t be needing another person’s validation to prove how much they love you – you would know if they love you or not.

An overly close boyfriend will think there is a competition to prove how he loves you – maybe s/he thinks there is someone that is competing with him and so he would go all out to prove his love for you even at his own detriment.

An overly close boyfriend will call you whenever you are away to be sure no one is around you – you will not have time to converse with anyone aside from s/he.


7. Your Hanging out with Friends is Restricted

If s/he does not want to see you hang out with friends because of his self-fish reasons – other people would want to talk with you or admire you then it should be looked into.

Of course, you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have friends around I mean you have friends before you got into a relationship so why would you keep your friends away?

A good relationship will always appreciate the kind of friends you keep provided they are influencing you positively – a clingy partner will see everything wrong with you keeping friends.

A stick-around boyfriend will not let you have male friends – he cannot stand the admiration of other male folks – always assuming there’s a hidden relationship aside with them.


8. Boundaries are Being Ignored

Every relationship has certain boundaries that should be respected – as such your decisions, opinions shouldn’t be neglected.

Boundaries in a relationship will help you to know what will be good for you and how you should be treated by your significant other.

Good boundaries in a relationship will help you to have a deep conversation, appreciate each other, put each other’s feelings into consideration,  be honest with each other, etc.

A stick-around spouse does not understand what space is neither does he know that as humans, sometimes you need space to discover yourself – to be prepared for new levels.

If s/he ignores your space then it is a sign that he is a needy boyfriend.


9. Picking a Fight for not Replying Immediately

A clingy partner - picking a fight for not replying immediately

Of course, it is a courtesy to reply to a text or call back a missed call when you see it but picking a fight over unreply text is not right.

If you call your partner and s/he doesn’t pick you should know that they could be in a tight corner and would call or text as soon as they are out of the tight corner – trying to create unnecessary argument over every text or call you sent is uncalled for.

Some partners get irritated when you pick a fight with them and would probably think that you are stalking them – know your partner as to what s/he can do and act rightly.

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If you have a pasty boyfriend who exhibits this act of always picking a fight over unreply text then either you are having a deep conversation to resolve the clinginess or you are leaving the unhealthy relationship.


10. Overanalyzing Words

Some women tend to read too much meaning to words than men.

Every time you are having a deep conversation and you say something that is ordinary it’s nothing and then it becomes an argument.

You feel panic over what s/he says – if you have a panic lifestyle reading too many meanings to words – it can become uncomfortable for you each time you are having a conversation with your significant order.


Why space is Necessary for a Relationship

Having that special person who shares the great and tiniest thing with you is golden – a healthy relationship is the beauty of wanting to spend your life together forever.

However, it is good to create healthy boundaries to discover more of yourself – the essence of keeping a relationship is to help each other to grow, and pursue the goals and dreams that you have ever wanted.

What makes you want to be with your significant other always is love – you cannot be in a relationship and not love and be loved right back, the peace of mind and the memories it creates are all part of and reasons for being with that person.

If your partner is too needy that it irritates you, always wants to ask for revalidation, does not value your personal space, or does not like to see you with friends – this unhealthy relationship can lead to a challenge that needs to be tackled.

Help s/he to know the importance of space, and encourage him to go out, have a deep conversation with him to know the areas that are lagging – and you will have that peace that you want.




To have a gummy boyfriend can be emotional, social, and physical draining – and of course, such shows that you do not trust your significant order at all or to an extent.

To be protective of your partner is okay but overly protective is an obsession – excess of everything is bad, do it moderately.

Everyone needs a space in their relationship at some point maybe to discover a new you or to balance your relationship and your life – when this is being ignored it becomes a challenge thereby leading to misunderstanding.

Learn to build your self-worth, insecurities, charisma, confidence, and peace of mind – it will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and relationship with people and your partner.

Learn to have fun – fun can be a deep conversation, diving into a book, dancing, sleeping, whatever your ideas of fun is provided it will help to ignite the love in your relationship – little things like this mean so much you know.



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