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Strong Woman: 10 Traits and 5 Tips on How to Date One


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A strong woman is someone who is constantly aware of herself and others around her; she knows what she wants and does all she can to get it. That means she doesn’t quit until she is done, not even when life gets tough. She knows when to work hard, slow down and when to have fun, and she can strike a balance in her life to accommodate others. 

However, men are becoming more confused about what women expect from them during dating or courtship because, for years, it has been said that men are meant to be the strong ones and the providers but a lot of unique and incredible women are now stepping up to get the lives they desire without interference from the men in their lives. 

So this guide will help many men struggling to fit into the lives of the women they love and those who are already backing away after realizing they are with an independent and strong woman. Also, if you are a lady and you want to learn how to become a strong woman you should follow this guide as well.

10 Traits of a Strong Woman 

Here are 10 traits to help you identify a strong woman so you can consider how best to be in her life. 


A careless woman that cannot handle her own choices and decisions cannot be considered a strong woman. However, one who in control of her responsibilities and decisions is a strong woman; she is not helpless, takes responsibility for her life, doesn’t rely on people unnecessarily, and can very well care for herself. 

Many people might see an independent woman as someone that fully finances her life, but it isn’t always true. Independent women are those that have straight priorities; they may live in a dorm, be in college or be divorced and still not bother others with their affairs. Also, note that being independent does not mean they don’t receive or ask for help from others; they just try to do their best and only ask for help when necessary. 


A strong woman is confident in who she is; she does not try to compete with others because she understands that she is a work in progress and is doing her best with the resources available. Also, a strong woman understands that mistakes and challenges are inevitable. 

Being confident is an awesome trait not only for strong women but for everyone; it is a great sign of self-love and satisfaction and a personal accomplishment. It makes you comfortable in your own skin and keeps you from comparison. 

If you have a in your life woman who is confident, you should appreciate her that way; it saves you the stress of convincing her that she is unique and good, just the way she is. Instead, you could compliment her to make her more aware of her positive and amazing attributes. 

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Optimistic and Positive 

Life is full of challenges, and things may not always work out how we want them to. Still, a strong woman would be optimistic in all her endeavors knowing that she can do anything she puts her mind to, and certain situations are always subject to change. 

Seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty would make a person happier at all times, and having such a person in your life should be an excellent experience for you as a man. 


A strong woman is attentive to details, introspective, and works to understand herself better. She tries to understand her emotions and the effects of actions so she can handle future situations better, and most importantly, she works to straighten her connection with others. 

This trait is very beneficial if you are in a relationship with such a woman; she will find her faults and try to fix them herself, and you will notice she constantly improves every day. 


This is one thing people must understand; being strong does not mean you are not vulnerable; instead, it is quite the opposite. It takes courage to ask for help and express your feelings to others; this does not come naturally for many. 

However, a strong woman knows how to create bonds with others and ask for help when necessary, even with the risk of getting hurt physically or emotionally. So if you are dating a strong woman, it is important not to betray her trust or take advantage of her vulnerability. 

Emotionally Intelligent

Similar to being self-aware, a strong woman is emotionally intelligent; she constantly strives to understand her emotions, how others feel and how best to respond to situations. 

At some point, you may have encountered people that say and do things thoughtlessly, but a strong woman isn’t such a person; she knows when to show empathy, reads the room, understands when someone is upset, sad, or unhappy and in all tries to help the situation with her skills. A strong woman can easily adjust to different atmospheres and act accordingly, and she always puts herself in other people’s shoes to understand how they feel. 

Being with an emotionally intelligent woman can go a long way in helping you build a long-lasting relationship. She will always try to understand how you feel before acting, and there will be less stress trying to constantly explain how her actions make you feel. 


Strong women are ambitious and aspire to achieve their goals to feel happy and better. This means they always strive to control themselves to focus on what’s important. A strong woman is a disciplined woman who does what she is supposed to do at the right time and limits herself to things that are not so important to get hold of the important ones. 

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It is easier to love a woman that loves and values herself; this is why a strong woman is a woman that is happy with her life and her achievements. A woman who knows there is always room for growth and improvement and doesn’t feel the need to impress others is strong. She loves herself just the way she is and is grateful for how far she has come. 


They say respect is reciprocal; she knows her worth and value and respects herself to teach others how to respect her. That is a strong woman. She is honest with people and doesn’t fail to put them in their place when they step out of line with her. 

She doesn’t allow others to walk over her and always creates necessary boundaries in her relationship with others. Most importantly, she does not allow others to dictate how she should act or feel and knows when to end unhealthy relationships. 


A strong woman knows what she wants and strives to get it; she is a go-getter, envisions great opportunities for her future, and puts her dreams into action. It is not enough for a person to admire success and wish they could have specific things; that is why a strong woman does not stop there. Instead, she takes the next step to make what she wants hers and works hard to make her thoughts a reality. 

How to Date a Strong Woman 

By now, you should understand what a strong woman is like, and if you are dating one or planning to date one, here are some tips you should keep in mind to help you thrive in your relationship. 

Respect Her Privacy 

A woman who focuses on her goals and ambitions has no time to listen to side talk and doesn’t seek approval or validation from others to live her life. So if you are dating such a woman, you must learn to separate what is meant to be private and what is meant to be public. 

Some things should be kept just between the two of you, and also, give her time and space to figure out certain things until she is ready to let you in. 

Share Your Goals and Dreams

For a relationship to be balanced, there must be two people with great dreams and ambitions for their future. When dating a strong woman, you need to be just as motivated, driven, and ambitious as she is, or even more, else, there will be some tension in the relationship. 

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You may find it difficult to understand why she is so busy,  why she has to do the extra work, and so on. So it would help if you shared your dreams and goals with her even as you listen to hers; this way, there will be a form of balance, and you will both know how best to support each other. 

Don’t Pacify Her

You should never disrespect a woman, but you must always show integrity. It is a vital aspect of every relationship. A strong woman will never be attracted to a man who is a ball of mush; if you are such a man, she will walk over you and never be able to fully respect you. 

A strong woman will be more compatible with a man who understands when to stand his ground and be flexible. So when dating a strong woman, you need to show her that you are the man and give her more reasons to respect you. 

Be a Good Communicator

Effective communication entails good listening and speaking skills; many things can lead to misunderstandings when dating a strong woman, but you must learn to be a good communicator. Listen to her and speak when necessary. It is also good to think carefully before speaking and always to pass information understandably. 

Don’t be Overly Possessive or Jealous

Many people believe there is no love without jealousy; could this be true? Well, while it may be true, people must understand that there is always a need for things to be done in moderation so they can be considered healthy. Hence, when dating a strong woman, give her the support, encouragement, respect, and the space she needs to achieve her goals and dreams. 

Lastly, if you truly trust her, you wouldn’t have to be overly possessive or jealous so give her a chance to be free and see how far she would go because you supported her. 

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Strong women aren’t immune to loneliness, sadness, vulnerability, mistakes, or failures; however, they take their time to figure out who to trust, and if you find or have such a woman in your life, you should do your best not to mess things up. 

Strong women are exceptional and can give you the best and most memorable relationships if you know how to play your part properly. So keep learning to give your woman the best experiences and memories she deserves. 


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