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What Women Want – 10 Important Tips to Unlock Her Heart


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Finding true love has never been easy or simple: This may be attributed to the fact that it is really difficult to truly understand what women want. In many relationships, the men just wished they could truly and wholly understand what their spouse really wants — as that will help them build a better and lasting relationship. 

Well, just as the saying goes, human wants are insatiable. And if that is true, it can only mean that it will be difficult to fully understand want women want — since they are proven to be of more complex being. 

But, this does not mean that you can’t find a way around those complexities and build a healthy relationship. Remember, a relationship is a two-way thing. Both in communication and sharing — You need to give if you want to be given, and be open to every communication. 

Talking about finding a way around those complexities, you need to understand that there are important things that matter, especially to women. If she isn’t opening up, it is because you are not giving her what she needs. And when this happens, she feels disappointed and resentful, — probably because she is suffering. And if that becomes the case, she closes off, making it difficult for you to understand what she wants. 

Luckily for you, in this post, I have put together, the 10 important things that every woman wants in a man. These 10 tips will unlock the door to a woman’s heart and help you build a healthy and lasting relationship. 

What Do Women Really Want?

What women want has left men wondering what to do to be with the one they love. Finding love has never been easy nor simple because it is about two strangers who come together with long-lasting aims to build a long-lasting relationship. When it comes to knowing what each other wants in a relationship or marriage, you have to be open to each other; one tree does not make a forest.

Everyone wants a good relationship that will last forever. When a man loves a woman, he would want to go the extra mile to keep her and always meet her needs. The man is a human being who also wants to be loved back; as such, finding the kind of a woman is no joke. however, all this would work when you are ready to know the tips to find true love.

Moreso, maintaining a good relationship doesn’t come at your fingertips especially if you want to have a happy and peaceful relationship.

Recently, you would notice how breakup and separation have raised at a high rate in the society. of course, you can’t really say what went wrong to have led to the separation of what used to be lovey-dovey. Now the question is, were they really in love? were they open to each other during courtship? whose fault is it; her fault or his fault?

Statistics show that women are always blamed when a home is in disarray or leading to separation and they forget that two adults are in a relationship; as such two adults have to put their hands on deck.


Women Are Moved By What They Hear

When it comes to relationship matters, women are emotional beings because they are loved by what they hear, while men are moved by what they see. Women are emotionally attached to men – this is the reason when a man cheats on his girlfriend, she will be at the receiving end (crying). I mean, is supposed to be funny, right? Because why will a girl cry when her boyfriend cheats on her instead of the reverse?

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Girls want a man who will adore them as long as they are going to live forever and be committed to the relationship to withstand the test of time, of course, every relationship has its ups and downs.

But the ability to handle that makes you mature, outstanding, and worthy to be emulated. What a woman wants is a man that will love her genuinely, stay with her, be proud of her, be committed and be a God lover. So in this article, I would be listing 10 things every woman wants in a man, stay read to the end.


To know more, read on the 10 things every woman wants in a man


1. What Women Want – Effective Communication

what women want - communication

Constant communication is one of what a woman wants in a man. Communication cannot be overemphasized because it is the bedrock of human existence and relationships.

We indeed have different means of communication but the main one is words. You want someone that you could talk with, have a mind-stimulating conversation, and want your conversation to be safe with him.

No woman wants a man who has constant communication with another woman aside, that would be heartbroken. What a woman wants in a man is consistent and effective communication, give her a listening ear to the tiniest gist.

This kind of communication will build a strong bond that will resonate in the relationship every day. Every man has that woman who he communicates deeply with to build that connection with her and watch how things would play out peacefully.


2. God-fearing man

Ask a woman one of the things she wants in a man and you would hear ‘a God fearing man. A man’s spirituality is indeed very important in a relationship, you cannot love a woman if you do not love the God who created you.

But you know how this thing work, you have to be what you crave. For you to know a God-fearing man, you have to be one so that when you see him you would know.


3. What Women Want – Profess, Provide & Protect

As Steve Harvey stated in his book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man; the good thing you should put up to have a peaceful relationship with a man is to understand how they love because a man’s love is different from a woman’s. A woman’s love is forgiving, adorable, and passionate and they show the world expressing how much you mean to them.

For the man, his love can be rolled down to these 3Ps in a relationship and if you could understand these 3Ps  (Profess, Provide & Protect) you would know when a man love and doesn’t love you. What a Woman want is a man who professes to her (introduces her to the public as his babe, fiancée, girlfriend, or sweetheart which means a lot to her).

What a woman wants is a man that can Provide (when a man loves he would always want to provide because it is part of his DNA).

What a woman wants is a man that can protect (if he loves you, he would go all out to protect as he does to his family because it is part of his DNA. So the 3Ps are the things a woman wants in a man which is a vital part of a relationship.

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4. Chemistry & Romance

what women want - romance

Having chemistry is what a woman wants in a man – this is the emotional connection that can be seen in him when they are together. When there is a long degree of chemistry – this variably would bring a strong connection, romance, and warm emotions in each other that will leads to a positive response to make the relationship last forever.

What a woman wants is a man who has a strong degree of chemistry for her which will build his thoughts all for her alone.



5. What Women Want – Her Birthday

what women want - Her birthday

A birthday is a very important aspect of what a woman wants, 80% of women do not joke about this. A woman wants you to have her birthdays like yours; to be precise men are not the birthday vibes so even if you do not remember your birthday it’s okay but do remember hers – this is one of the criteria to prove that you love her as you profess.

So a man who always remembers birthdays is what a woman wants whether you would spend your lives together or not.

6. What Women Want – Commitment

Another thing that most women want is a man who is ready to make his intention known. You need to tell her where the relationship is headed so she wouldn’t be wasting her time being with you instead of someone else.

Because on her lone time this question would always come up; what future would this hold? Is he worth my love, affection, and time? She needs to know the level of your commitment to the relationship. In essence, commitment cannot be overemphasized here because every woman wants a man who will be committed to her.


7.  Mutual Respect

Take it or not mutual respect is one of the underrated and neglected in a relationship today. The man wants to be respected alone and he forgets that respect is reciprocal. What a woman wants is a man who will respect her as much as she respects him?

Mutual respect here is when she suggests an opinion on something and you respect it enough to not go out of your way to manipulate or capitalize on it. It is also about not pushing her to the limit to see how far she can break. It is about respecting each other’s personal space and, her kind of friends provided they are not influencing her negatively.

Mutual respect is what a woman wants in a relationship and of course, if a man loves you he would go all out to give you that.


8. Good Looking & Assertive Man

Good looking is another aspect you should look into; adorable, charming, lovable, very fascinating, and sexually attractive with a touch of enthusiasm.

Looking good doesn’t mean you must have money and of course, there are men who with all the money they have, there is no attraction, no good appearance in them. What a woman wants is a man who is good-looking so she can be proud of him, as much as men like good-looking so do women.

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You don’t want someone who doesn’t ask for what he wants. “It’s one of the most important things that allows a relationship to thrive well, and so many men can’t do that.

They don’t feel like they can ask for anything, so they don’t tell the woman they’re dating that they’d like a back rub every now and then or a foot rub. Healthy couples tell each other what they need and what actions make them feel most loved and cared about.

Assertiveness in a relationship can be seen in different ways: A man who takes responsibility when necessary – choosing where to have a date, taking a stand to plan his occasions, and taking the lead in his romance. 



9. A Sense of Humor

Having a sense of humor has been neglected in a relationship – this is one of the things that a woman wants. Females love a man who makes them laugh, this is the reason when a woman is on a call laughing you would hear ‘this man that makes you laugh and happy like this should be worth it even when she is not on a call with a man.

Of course, laughing is one of the therapy for healthy living and being with a man who turns challenging situations into remarkable ones with his jokes is what women want.

What a woman wants is a man who shares in laughter as a kind of intimacy that certainly develop and is a win-win for her.


10. What Women Want – He Admits He is Wrong

Now, this is one of the underrated and neglected aspects of what women want in a man. When a man says ‘I am sorry; it is something beautiful and lovable because not all men would do that.

‘I am sorry’ may sound simple but it can heal a broken heart in a sec. Having such a man who apologizes makes the relationship more intimate and it also helps to bring out the best in the two parties which is what women want that men take for granted.




If you are in a relationship and you are contemplating if you want to spend the rest of your life with him then these 10 things of what women want should be your guide.

Another thing you should look out for is your peace of mind, if he distorts your peace then I don’t know what you should be doing with him because whatever distorts your peace should not be contemplated.

Also, is he your best friend or do you see him being one?  What women want is a best friend, a man who gist with her even the tiniest thing like ‘what was your day. The reason is some men are dating and then they have one bestie out there who they tell anything and everything. What women want is a man who calls them bestie as much as they call them.

A lot happens in a relationship and if 5% of what I have listed is far from him then there is a question mark hanging on your relationship. But then, list the other things that you would want in a man to see if he fits in or not.



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