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Why do Women Cheat?


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Unlike previous generations, studies have shown that the infidelity gender gap is narrowing, meaning men and women now cheat at almost the same rate. However, the reasons why men cheat may be different from men. So, the question remains: Why do women cheat?
Although cheating is not limited to a specific gender, infidelity for women can be more complicated than it is for men. So, in this guide, we will shed light on some of the most common reasons why women cheat.

Why do Women Cheat?

There are many reasons why women cheat, and often, it is due to an underlying issue in the relationship. So here are 10 answers to the question – why do women cheat?

Why do Women Cheat?
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If a woman has been abused in a relationship, whether physically, emotionally, or verbally, it may cause deep-rooted wounds in her that will make her seek comfort and validation through infidelity. This may happen even when the abuse has stopped and the issues have been resolved; the husband’s validation, care and attention may not be enough to heal her wound.


More than anything, relationships thrive on emotional connection. Still, if that is no longer available, women may feel like their partners no longer understand them, listen to them, or even care about their feelings. So they will feel alone and alienated, and the only thing that can ease their loneliness is finding that connection with someone else, leading to infidelity.


This is also a very common reason why women cheat; when a woman tries to respond to her partner’s infidelity by making him feel the same pain he put her through, she may think cheating on him will be the best way to do it. Also, if her partner has cheated while she has been faithful, she may no longer see the need to remain faithful to him.

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Low Compatibility

One of the most essential ingredients for a successful relationship is compatibility; when two people are compatible, they will easily work together to make the relationship more meaningful.
However, if there’s low compatibility in a relationship, the woman may have different values, interests, or goals from the man, which can lead to cheating. She may find someone she is more compatible with, get closer to the person, and start to prefer him over her partner.

Sexual Dissatisfaction

The desire for sexual satisfaction is an intricate part of every relationship, and sometimes, it is difficult for a woman to communicate her sexual needs and fantasies. Some women expect their partners to know, even without communicating it, which can lead to cheating in marriage and relationships. If a woman feels unsatisfied with her sexual experiences, she may be tempted to find it elsewhere.


When couples get comfortable, all the excitement and emotions may wane down, leading to boredom in a relationship. Women love to be pursued and showered with attention and love, but when there’s no effort, romance, or new experiences, they may look for excitement with someone else.


Sometimes cheating is deliberate, but often, it occurs due to unexpected opportunities. A woman may feel down, and someone listens to her and provides some comfort, then they move on from there.

When cheating happens this way, it may be difficult to explain what led them to it since it just happened unexpectedly.
Opportunities like this can come from different places, such as social media, workplaces, dating apps, etc. It is now easier to connect with people, sometimes serving as a platform for affairs.

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One of the primary reasons people get into relationships and marriages is for companionship, to have someone you can share your life with. Still, in some relationships, a woman may have a partner who never has time for her, works long hours, is never at home, or maybe it is a long-distance relationship. Loneliness and disengagement will set in, and this is the fastest reason why women cheat. They feel lonely, and someone else starts giving them time, attention and care, leading to infidelity.

Why do Women Cheat?
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Midlife Crisis

Midlife crises generally affect people between the ages of 35 and 60, but certain life events can also trigger midlife crises in women. For example, the untimely death of a loved one may cause a woman to wrestle with the sociocultural expectations of what a woman should have at certain ages.
Seeing how life is short, she may start to think she only has so much time left and she hasn’t done much for herself, so in an attempt to make up for lost time, she may start to act out of character, which may include cheating.

Lack of Communication

This is one of the most common reasons why women cheat in relationships; research shows that communication plays a significant role in how well a couple will understand each other and how much satisfaction they will derive from their relationship.
So when there’s a breakdown in communication, the woman may feel disconnected, unheard, and unable to express her feelings, which may drive her to seek solace with someone else and, in the end, lead to cheating.

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What we have discussed so far is just a few reasons why women cheat. It can be hard to understand why women cheat because, in the end, everyone has their reasons and justifications for their actions.
So, while trying to figure out why women cheat, you should first take care of your relationship, be determined to make healthy changes and try to understand her needs. This will keep her happy and make your relationship last long while hopefully eliminating the chances of infidelity.

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