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12 Romantic Places to go on a Date in Abuja


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Are you looking for romantic places to go on a date in Abuja? This guide has the best of them. Abuja is a beautiful big city with many romantic places where you can go on dates, and you won’t have to visit the same places repeatedly. The people who live there understand the concept of luxury, fun and romance, which is why there are a lot of interesting and romantic spots you can visit with your loved one. 

Whether you live in the capital city or you are just visiting, after reading this guide, you will be satisfied with this list of 12 amazing date spots that can give you a lifetime experience. So keep reading to learn more. 

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Places to go on a Date in Abuja

Sky Bar Rooftop Lounge

Pedam Lake

Pedam Lake is not very popular in Abuja, making it a unique and natural spot for romantic dates in the city. It lies behind the presidential villa and is a bit close to Nasarawa state; many people do not visit there, so it is quiet and peaceful most of the time and makes for a perfect place for adventure. You can access this date spot through the Abuja Park and Zoo or a route in Asokoro.

BluCabana Lounge

This is a fantastic date spot in Abuja for couples who wish to relax and be cared for. The BluCabana Lounge has a swimming pool, gym, spa, restaurant, and club. They also offer numerous hospitality services in a very safe and secure location.

The best part of this lounge is that it is located in the Mabushi district, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city of Abuja, so you can experience peace and comfort with your loved one on a date here. 

Abuja Love Garden

Of course, you can’t talk about the best places to go on a date in Abuja without talking about this fantastic date spot, the Abuja love garden. It has the perfect view and a tranquil atmosphere.

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This garden is famous for lovers, and it has everything in place, from the quiet environment to the nice ambience to give you and your partner a lifetime experience. Although the garden does not have many delicious treats, if you are a nature lover, you will find this date spot unique and thrilling.

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Sky Bar Rooftop Lounge

This sky bar rooftop lounge is located in Asokoro, and it is one of the best places to go on a date in Abuja, and it is also a little quieter, private and perfect for a romantic date night.

Sky Bar Rooftop Lounge

You can get the top view of the entire city from here, and they have many delicacies to savour your taste buds, including an impressive selection of foreign meals from different African countries. Talk about the soothing music that will keep you and your partner engaged and happy throughout the date. 

Crush Cafe 

Rush Cafe has some of the best facilities for a date in Abuja, their menus cover breakfast, lunch and dinner, and their meals are top-notch made by professionals. You can choose to go on a date anytime at this cafe, and you will get fantastic services. The cafe also has a volleyball court, tennis facilities, a grill area and an outdoor bar. 

Millenium Park

There is hardly a more romantic date spot than this Millennium Park, especially at nightfall when there is less crowd. This park offers a beautiful panoramic view and is the perfect place to hang out with your lover. However, if you want to get the most out of this Millennium Park, consider going on a picnic date with your partner; go along with blankets, wine, and food, and you will have an incredible time. 

Magic Land Abuja

Magic Land in Abuja was formerly called Wonderland, an amusement park suitable for all types of dates. It has a leisure garden for relaxation, and it is very close to the National Museum, so you can decide to extend your visit to the museum.

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Magic Land is a highly sought-after date spot with many rides and games that can give you maximum fun, and you can picnic at the park. It is indeed a natural and engaging date spot for lovers. 

Abacha Fish Market

If you wish to go on a fun date without spending much but still having many delicious treats, you should head to Abacha Fish Market. If your date loves fish, you can get the best types of fish here. Whether grilled, cooked or barbecued fish, they are all available.

Also, to top these delicacies, they have affordable drinks, and you can certainly have a casual hangout with your lover in this fish market. This is the most popular place for all kinds of fish cuisine in Abuja.

Koraf Apartments and Hotels

The Koraf Apartments and Hotels is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places for a date in Abuja; it offers a tranquil setting and natural surroundings, making it a good date spot for vacations.

There’s no doubt the date spot here is not the hotel but the apartments, which are beautifully furnished with everything you need to have a good time. You can share a bottle of wine and enjoy the natural scenery with your loved one. Indeed it will be a memorable experience. 

Jabi Lake

Jabi Lake is encircled by a sea with gorgeous scenery. It offers the most close-to-beach date experience in Abuja. There are many things put in place to ensure people have fun and create unforgettable memories here. You can get speed boat rides, canoe rides and other water sports. Also, in the Jabi Lake environs, you will find Jabi Mall, Jabi ShopRite, and other places that can add to an amazing experience.

Places to Go on a Date in Abuja

Waffle Stop

The waffle stop was first launched in 2017 but has now crept into the heart of many lovers within and outside Abuja. If you take your lover on a date here, you can join those already enjoying the unique street delicacies at the waffle stop. They are best known for their American-style waffles and pancakes.

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This place gets a lot of celebrities and other visitors daily, so it is not exactly the date spot for a quiet moment. Still, it offers the best waffles and pancakes in the city, so much so that everybody wants the waffle-stop experience, and you could get it too. 

Dunes Center

If you are looking for a luxury date spot to sweep your partner off their feet, Dunes Centre can give you just what you need, from pastry shops to original antiques, gift shops, boutiques, supermarkets, and world-class restaurants. 

Dunes Centre is one of the best places to go on a date in Abuja. In fact, it is a one-stop date spot because it has everything you could ask for to make your partner happy. If you want to plan romantic date nights, sightseeing, and vacations, you will have the most memorable moment at Dunes Centre. 

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As mentioned earlier, Abuja is a big and beautiful city with many good romantic places for dates, and this guide only captures a few of them. However, the 12 places to go on a date in Abuja discussed here can guarantee an unforgettable date experience.

Also, you can bring your friends and family to these places, and they will love it just as much, and who knows, one of these places may be perfect for a marriage proposal as well. So feel free to explore these date spots and keep your lover happy and excited about all your dates.  


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