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New Month Prayer For My Husband


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New month prayer is always necessary for every home. A new month brings with it new opportunities, new challenges, and new blessings. As we enter into a new month, it is important to take a moment to reflect on the past and set our intentions for the future. This is especially true for married couples, as we can come together to pray for each other and ask for God’s blessings in our lives.

As a loving wife, it is natural for you to want the best for your husband in every aspect of his life, and what better way to start a new month than with a heartfelt prayer? The beginning of a new month presents a perfect opportunity to say a prayer for him, seeking God’s blessings and guidance as he embarks on a new journey. Praying for your husband is a beautiful and powerful way to show him your love and support, and it can also bring peace, guidance, and blessings into your life.

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Here are some key points you may want to consider as you prepare your prayer:

Prayer Key Points


Begin by expressing gratitude to God for the gift of your husband and the many blessings that both of you have received thus far. Thank Him for His unwavering love, grace, and mercy that has sustained your relationship.



Pray for God’s protection over your husband as he goes about his daily activities. Ask God to keep your husband safe from harm and danger, both seen and unseen. Pray that God will guide him in his choices and decisions, and protect him from the schemes of the enemy.



Ask God to grant your husband wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as he faces the challenges of the new month. Pray that God will help him make wise choices and decisions that will positively impact his personal and professional life.

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Pray for your husband’s strength, both physical and emotional. Ask God to give him the strength to overcome any obstacles that come his way, and to persevere through difficult times. Pray that God will give him the courage to face his fears and the confidence to overcome them.



Ask God to bless your husband’s endeavors in the new month. Pray that He will open doors of opportunity for him, and grant him success in all his pursuits. Pray that God will bless him with financial stability, good health, and happiness.

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Pray that God will strengthen the bond between you and your husband. Ask Him to help you both communicate effectively and to show love and understanding towards each other. Pray that God will help you both grow in your relationship with Him and that your marriage will be a reflection of His love and grace.

When you bear these key points in mind while praying for your husband, it becomes easier for you to know what to ask from God regarding the life of your husband and for the good of your home.

Here are some ideas of new month prayer for your husband

New Month Prayer For My Husband

Dear Heavenly Father,

As my husband and I enter into this new month, we come before you in prayer. We thank you for the blessings you have bestowed upon us in the past and ask that you continue to bless us in the future.


I come before you to ask for your blessings upon my husband. Please watch over him and protect him in all that he does. Give him the wisdom to make the right decisions, and grant him the wisdom to know what is best for him and our family. May he succeed in all his work, and may his efforts be fruitful.

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Help him to stay focused on his goals and to always put you first in his life. Guide him in his work, his relationships, and his personal growth. Give him the courage to take risks and pursue his dreams, knowing that with you by his side, all things are possible.


Bless him with good health, happiness, and fulfillment in all areas of his life, and keep him strong and healthy throughout this new month. Protect him from any illnesses and diseases. Let him feel your presence and your love every day, and know that he is never alone. 


Lord help him to nurture his relationships with our family and friends. May he find joy and peace in the company of those he loves, and may he continue to grow in his love for them.


I pray for his spiritual growth, that you may draw him closer to you. May he continue to seek you in prayer and in your word, and may he find comfort and strength in your presence.


I pray for our marriage, that you may continue to bless and strengthen it. Help us to love and support each other in all things, and may our love for each other grow deeper with each passing day.


Help me to be a supportive and loving wife, and to encourage him in all that he does. Help us to grow closer to each other and to you, and to always seek your will for our lives.


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Thank you for the gift of my husband, and for the love that we share. May this new month be filled with your blessings and grace, and may we always give you glory.


I ask all of these things in Jesus’ name,


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A wife should always hold onto her faith and trust in God’s plan for the life of her husband and herself. Continue to pray for your husband in all things. Praying for your husband is one of the best things you can do for him and for your marriage. A prayer is a powerful tool that can move mountains and change situations.

With your prayer and God’s guidance, he can overcome any challenge and succeed in all his endeavors. So, take the time to pray for your husband at the beginning of each new month, and trust that God will answer your prayers in His time and in His way.

Remember, prayer is not just about asking for things but also about expressing gratitude and surrendering to God’s will. So, take a moment to thank God for your husband and all the wonderful things he brings to your life, and trust that God has a plan for your future together.

As you start this new month, may your prayer for your husband bring you both closer to God and to each other. May it be a time of renewal, growth, and blessings, and may your love continue to shine bright.

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